Pluto with a D

Pluto with a D

Vanessa and I got bored at home after Ray left us to play football with his mates so we went to Chocolateria San Churro for coffee. As we walked along we saw some music equipment lying around waiting to be set up just at the corner junction of State Library and Queen Victoria Centre, Swanston. Busking time!

As we were finishing our coffee, some loud music began playing and Van asked excitedly, “Is that PLUDO?”
I was about to say “No. We just saw them in Brisbane last month. Remember that day when we went to Street’s Beach?” But Van was already out of my sight. She’d crossed the traffic junction and I could see her focusing on the band.

Of course she remembered, she bought a CD from them then. But to see Anthony and Alex performing live (again), the atmosphere and vibes… it’s different!

As I crossed the road when the traffic light turned green, walking to where Vany was standing, Anthony was introducing the band “… like the planet Pluto but with a D” and they started jamming.

Anthony Kupinic Alex Cooper on Buckets Pludo©BondingTool

Anthony Kupinic Alex Cooper on Buckets2 Pludo©BondingTool
Anthony Kupinic Pludo1©BondingTool
Alex Cooper Pludo©BondingTool
Anthony Kupinic Pludo©BondingTool

Anthony Kupinic born 18th October 1982 is a singer/songwriter & producer from Melbourne, Australia. Alex Cooper born July 13th 1992 is a former bucket drummer, now drum set player for the band PLUDO from Sydney. PLUDO’s Style: ambient/electronic/rock

Pludo is a 2 piece electronic/rock band from Australia consisting of Anthony Kupinic (ex A Sound Mind lead singer) and Alex Cooper (ex bucket player fresh of the streets).

In 2005 Anthony began his professional music career as the lead singer & songwriter for the alternative rock band A Sound Mind. He wrote the song “The Power To Dream” which was featured in the NFL superbowl 2011 highlights & the AFL 2011 grand final. He also wrote the song “Grace” which has been played on over 65 radio stations, he has toured through Europe & Australia, performed live on 2 major Tv shows & sold over 40,000 records.

After A Sound Mind split in December 2010 , Anthony spent the next 16 months writing, recording and producing the debut album “The OnlyThing Certain Is The Future”. Stylistically although there are still quite a few elements reflective of Anthony’s earlier work with A Sound Mind, there is a definite steer away from traditional band music towards Electronic music. The new sound is an interesting array of piano, strings, synthesizers. electronic drums and live drums but with a strong focus on extremely melodic vocals and emotional lyrics/song writing.

Pludo was originally started as Anthony’s solo project but whilst in Sydney he met Alex busking on a drum set made out of buckets. Amazed by Alex’s roar talent and ability they had a few jam sessions and not only did their two styles instantly gel together but Alex brought a much needed electric energy to the live performance of the songs. Since the album had already been written and recorded, together they worked on the live show. After a great deal of experimentation they developed a system of being able to record and loop live on the spot the parts others members would play. At first they still weren’t sure if it was going to work but after they picked up Alex’s first real drum kit (thanks to Pearl and Zildjian) they had 1 week of rehearsal in Anthony’s studio in Melbourne where everything really came together. About 10 minutes into day one they not only knew they could pull it off as a two piece but could see the possibilities for the future was one deep rabbit hole.

About and Biography are quoted from their Facebook

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