Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I would like to thank Mike from The Eye Dancers for nominating Bonding Tool for this award. very-inspiring-blogger-award My daughter, Vanessa, is the one who started the ball rolling by creating this blog for me when I was living in Melbourne. She leads a busy lifestyle as a undergraduate (then) in RMIT, juggling some photography and filming projects and working part-time in a cupcake shop in between school. She was worried I might feel neglected and I should do something creative to keep myself mentally active. Both my children, Valerie and Vanessa, are very concerned I may become senile before my time, lol…

Blogging to me is not as simple as it is for others. I lacked the necessary vocabulary to express my thoughts. I’d spent (still do) a lot of time looking up the dictionary for simple words to convey my message. I was worried about grammars, too. If you had followed or read my beginning posts, you can see how I have grown as a blogger even though I am still very raw and have a long way to go. I can see improvements in my journey here. From posting just pictures (using my Samsung Note smartphone and now Canon DSLR a gift from Vanessa the day I left for Singapore) to adding a sentence or two here and there, I am now contributing recipes and doing a bit of reviews. I am no longer worried about making grammatical mistakes or throwing in a bit of Singlish as I know I am not being judged by that. I have become less conscious about being the fool. I have yet to find my personality in this cyberworld but I am definitely making friends and enjoying every minute preparing my posts.

I’ve been back in Singapore for a month now and my true friends here (those that do not consult their calendars when it comes to me) are also very supportive about my new adventure in food blogging. Keef has contributed his kitchen when I needed to cook or test out new recipes. He has also helped in giving honest opinions when it comes to reviewing restaurants, food and services. Other friends are also patient with me.

Choosing to do food blogging is a nuisance because the rest of the party has to wait for me to take pictures of the food before they can dig in even though they are hungry. This was the case with Yap (THE friend who responded to my emergency call to eat at Kok Sen so I could do a Lou Hei post) when he ate his laksa and I pouted saying “How come you never let me take photos before you eat?” He instinctively touched up his bowl of noodles and rearranged as nicely as possible whatever remained so I could be appeased.

I am very happy to discover new friendships in old friends. After so many years abroad, I think I am finally home.

This award has greatly inspired me to continue to express myself and share my thoughts. Thank you fellow bloggers and readers for your continued support and kind comments. I hope to do even better and grow in this community.

Here are the 4 rules should you want to participate:

1) Link back to the person who nominated you.
Mike from The Eye Dancers nominated my blog for Very Inspiring Blogger 2013 Award.
Mike has great imagination as can be seen in his many publications besides The Eye Dancers.
A big Thank You and hugs, Mike 🙂

2) Post the award image on your page.


3) Tell seven (7) random facts about yourself.
1. I am more active at night so I guess you can call me nocturnal.

2. My favourite beverage is coffee and I can drink up to 16 cups daily. That was how much I consumed every day during my one year residency in Dubai.

3. My favourite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s, any chocolate or strawberry flavour are most welcome.

4. I just started reading my bible again. I do not do it daily and this is something I need to work on.

5. This year is the first time since 2004 I had Nian Gao for Spring Festival.

6. I have short attention span although I am not classified as ADD.

7. I am an introvert. My definition of me being an introvert has nothing to do with shyness although most shy people are also introverts. I am energized by being alone and I feel my energy being drained by being around other people after certain period of time. That may explain facts number 1 and 6.

seventhingsaboutme-copy 4) Nominate fifteen (15) other blogs.
I was not procrastinating when Mike from The Eye Dancers nominated Bonding Tool on the 23rd February 2013. I had given much thought about this requirement to nominate 15 blogs and I would really like to nominate bloggers that have inspired me in one way or another. To cut the long story short, the highlighted words are just one of the many reasons how they had and continue to inspire me. Please check out their blogs. Thank you for sharing your time, craft and inspirational message… In no particular order, YOU are:

Vicky for your tireless reporting; my daughter said a good blogger blogs daily and you take the cake. I will miss you if I do not see you in the Reader, lol… you’ve inspired me to try and contribute frequently if not daily, keeping me on my toes.

The Mouse for making me laugh when I read your posts; your witty personality shone through in your writing and now I am inspired to find mine 🙂

Miranti for being able to cook in high heels, lol… and producing food that looks good and taste good. I loved the way she composes her food photography – she brings life to her food; and the way she goes into detailing her recipes and cooking stepsshe wants you to succeed when you do use her recipes.

Jalal who checks in on my blog frequently, trying out the cheesecake recipe and giving feedback and kind comments are food for the soul. But the reason why you inspire is the strength you have in you even after the atrocities you and your family suffered.

Michael his link here is directed to the piece I liked best although he has many interesting articles and photographs. Michael’s curiosity and open-mindedness inspires me.

Sam the way he sees the world through his lens and being self taught in his own craft and skill that has reached heights many learned could never achieved. A giant who remained humble. I don’t like cats and never did… until now but still I only like Sam’s cats. He inspired me to see things differently.

Konstantine whose photographs are amazingly picturesque and romantic. He sees in the ordinary something extraordinary and showed them to my untrained eyes. I often wondered where the people are, what they did and ate before the alleyways became empty for him to take those shots.

Lesley She needs no introduction as can be seen from her popularity and the following she commands. What inspired me about Lesley is her gungho spiritenergy and dedication to her passion. She’s made me feel dreams can become a reality if you are willing to work hard at it.

Thenerdyscribe who inspired me with her humour and concise manner in writing. I always had fun reading these scribes.

Michael for his philosophy about kindness and love and how I too, can overcome the cumbersome nature of being a blogger.

Pobept for his love of nature and environment. His resourcefulness in the conservation and preservation of our beautiful planet.

Robert attitude and outlook in life said it all. Never give up and even though he’s suffered, he is enthusiastic about the future.

Freddie for his willingness to open up and share with me and the world his progress and recovery from addiction. His stories and posts are encouraging.

Pastor Ashcraft who always, always have a timely message in his posts. It is like having a personal sermon read to me. His messages are motivating and forgiving at the same time. I felt less guilty and am encouraged to read the bible daily.

BeWithUs has taught me despite running a busy online shop, one can still stop and smell the roses. I especially liked the poem “ which was written 10 years ago but a thing of beauty is a joy forever.


This Award marks my 140th posts!

Happy blogging 🙂

10 Responses to “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”
  1. BeWithUs says:

    Congratulations~ Cheers!! 😀

  2. It is a well deserved award Sam. You have a great blog and I’m thrilled for you to be recognized.

  3. thenerdyscribe says:

    Congratulations for the blog award! I am so honoured that you mentioned me in this post 🙂 best wishes!

  4. Rahburt says:

    Thanks again for the nomination. I will now tackle this 1 :). I agree I feel under skilled here amongst all these great bloggers. All of their words seem to come so easily. 16 cups of coffee?! GOOD Gosh, ha. And I can relate to number 7. I’m an extrovert, but I definitely my solo charge time.

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