Sitting At A Bar – Sam Place Bar & Restaurant

Sitting At A Bar I have known Irene since end of 2007 and this is the first time I am in town to join in on her birthday party.

IreneThan1©BondingTool I almost couldn’t recognised Caroline, who’d put on a wig that night, hahaha! In fact, Ros and I walked past her, kekeke… 😀

IreneThan2©BondingTool The regulars at irregular hours – Reez, Anidah, Ros, May and Irene.

IreneThan3©BondingToolLet’s get the party going!

IreneThan4©BondingTool Patricia and Irene.

IreneThan5©BondingTool Another year wiser.

IreneThan6©BondingTool Happy birthday girl!

IreneThan7©BondingToolAdrian, Stef, May and sweet Caroline… Below, our “server” for tonight, Ros 😀

IreneThan8©BondingToolThat’s what friends are for. We serve each other and eat together. Regardless of race, language or religion.

IreneThan9©BondingToolSweet dreams are made of these…

IreneThan10©BondingToolRos asked Anidah, “Something to tickle your palate, madame?”

IreneThan11©BondingToolVietnamese spring roll (background) and century eggs with pickled ginger.

IreneThan12©BondingToolGlorious food in tiers prepared by Patricia.

IreneThan13©BondingToolAnidah made time during her work hours to get this delicious chocolate cake (thank you, dearie). It has some crunchy bits inside that tasted like cocoa puffs but I’m not sure. Are the strawberries singing the birthday song?


Happy birthday, Irene!
5th March 2013.

Sam Place Bar & Restaurant
Address: Goldhill Shopping Centre
203 Thomson Road
Singapore 307638

Happy mingling 🙂

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