When 19’s Not A Crowd!

When 19's Not A Crowd!When is 19 not a crowd? When like-minded people gather together for a common destiny!

Recently, I had the priviledge to be invited to join a closed group Photography Khaki in Facebook. As the name clearly clued you, it’s a group for aspiring and experienced photographers sharing their passion. As of my writing, they have quickly expanded to 1025 members and still growing!

In receiving my “Very Inspiring Blogger” award post, I mentioned that I’m an introvert. So to make 18 new friends all in a day is actually mind blowing 😀

It all started when I submitted a photograph to foodgawker and was rejected with reason being under/over exposure on that particular photo. I wanted to know if my photo was under or over exposed so I posted it on the group’s page. In a short time, over 100 comments were made. I was overwhelmed with the photography technical terms used thus Alex Lim, one of the founding members quickly organised an event on food photography for me. Hmmm… members have its privileges, haven’t you heard? 😉

Event created because I had trouble understanding my camera.

Unpremeditated event created because I had trouble understanding my camera.

I was one of the appointed hosts. Yup, Semi is moi 😀 but Benny Ng and Washiyama Sen put in the most effort in coordinating this outing. Eugene Lim was one of the host but he had another event to attend to on that day so I did not get a chance to meet him but there will be other sessions.

The venue was set at The Coastal Settlement – an informal dining restaurant that offers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, not forgetting aromatic coffees and alcoholic drinks (Happy Hours) from their cafe and bar as well.

Benny picked me up at my place at the appointed time except I was late. On the road, we took a wrong turn… still we were on time if not ahead when we arrived. A table for 15 had been reserved but in due time as the other members trickled in, we were split into 2 groups.

After the ice breaking introduction and polite chit chatting, the late lunches started streaming in and like a bee to the blossom or moth to the flame, my camera flirted among the tables.

Some of the participants in the event.

Some of the participants in the event.

All Mad About The Food!

All Mad About The Food!

Adrian Aw©BondingTool

These are lunches that will be eaten later. Look at their passion… Cool 😉

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures and comments that were posted on our Photography Khaki page after the event by the participating members:

Frank Ho©BondingTool

Roasted Chicken with Truffle Fries ($25)

Ambience catered to the oldies settin with chandeliers, vespa motorbikes and low accent light. It just delights anybody who want to have a kickstart on a lazy saturday and throw any work off your mind. Often food clangs and conversation may affect the ambience. To begin with, we are probably the ones which caused the disturbance and accident light LED flashes upon other innocent customers.

Food Presentation: 7.5/10. However, Washiyama Sen i observed had difficulties slicing the meat, which shows meat tenderness may not be able to pacify everybody. This may be due to the cold environment is served and after what seemed hour of shooting of the food causing the meat to harden. A possibility I would never rule out. Skin looks crisp enough. Corn syrup is moderate to match a state of equilibrium. Fries could be beaten by retail stores with BFF.

Overall, this is not a food rate but more of my thoughts to this dish and restaurant. – Frank Ho

Benjamin GX Lin©BondingTool

Retro, back to 80’s at Coastal Settlement. A good place to chill out with friends & perhaps a nice dinner with your loved ones. There’s only one bus to the restaurant – Bus 29 from Tampines Bus Interchange. Best to travel if you got your own transport. One of the Yummilious Dishes. – Benjamin GX Lin

Ernest Yap©BondingTool


A great place for gathering for both the old and young and perhaps little kids as well. A pint of Guinness Draught is almost certain for any gentleman along with the food that comes along with it as you might be a little tipsy to give criticism to the food that came along regardless of the taste. Overall, a great place for dating and proposal. – Chisao

Benny Ng©BondingTool

Kid’s meal – Spaghetti

Seow Hong©BondingTool

Moi - the apprentice, haha...

Moi – the apprentice, haha…

Alex Lim holding the LED light for us. That's me shooting the roast chix.

Alex Lim holding the LED light for us. That’s me shooting the roast chix.

And now my humble submission below in slide show format or click here for carousel gallery viewing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography Khaki

My new friends and I

Click here for more photos of The Coastal Settlement Singapore.


The Coastal Settlement
Address: 200 Netheravon Road,
Singapore 508529.

Tel:+65 6475 0200

Opening hours: (Closed on Mondays)
Tues- Sun: 10.30am – 9.45pm

Happy blogging 🙂

14 Responses to “When 19’s Not A Crowd!”
  1. Alex Lim says:

    OMG, I am inside and i lost my teeth!?! – joking. Sorry Sami, i didn’t feedback to you about any comment to food as I only eat. Our honor to have you to join us in this outing, hope that you enjoy and looking forward to meet you again 🙂

    • Sam Han says:

      Hey Alex, so nice to be part of this group! I thoroughly enjoyed the outing and meeting all the friendly folks. Looking forward to more sessions 😀

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Great photos !

  3. Looks like a great time and your photos turned out really well 🙂

    • Sam Han says:

      I had fun 😀 Nice bunch of helpful and friendly people. Hopefully in time I will develop an eye (even though this is like art and one should have an innate skill). Thank you Mr. P!

  4. Sofia says:

    I’m an introvert too so I can understand that can be daunting,.. but it sure looked like fun!

    • Sam Han says:

      The people made it easy to mingle. It was awkward at first but when the food came and we started clicking and sharing camera settings and lighting tips, all the ice melted. I felt like I have known them all along 😀

  5. frank ho says:

    Great blog, great event, great people, great food!

  6. what a way to get a lesson. once again you have proved yourself a mover and shaker.

  7. Alex Lim says:

    Sami, is our honour to have u to join us. Please join us more when you have time, and very paiseh that i am not experience in food photography and can’t provide u more tips about this. I believe that we will have more experience photographer come along when next outing to show u more 🙂 let’s work together ….. for food!!!

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