Awesome Blog Content Award

Awesome Blog Content Award

It doesn’t matter how we started but every blogger blogs for the same reason – posting is an outlet for bloggers to express their ideas and share their passion. While it is true that we never started to blog for anyone, inevitably, the friends that we acquired along the way keeps us motivated. They become our inspiration and we end up writing for them as they become our audience and an integral part of our blogging community, this is true at least for me. Having you reading and commenting on my blog, is vital to me.


When my younger daughter, Vanessa, started the ball rolling almost 5 months ago, she never expected me to keep up for so long. The truth is, I wasn’t sure I would last this long too. As I made more friends and we started to communicate and motivate each other, I found myself wanting to be a better blogger and in turn a better person. The learner in me is awaken. I am interested in English and learning new vocabulary so that I can express myself clearer. I do research on topics I post and am gaining new knowledge each time. I used to be very homely (I can stay home without stepping out for a few months) but now I find myself eager to go try new foods and restaurants for my post. I am also making new friends when I am out and yes, new photography friends and “makan” (eating) buddies, too. I have also acquired near entry level skills in food photography and editing because I want to do justice to the chefs who’d laboured over their fare (when I do my mini rendition of restaurant and food review – I’m not that critical, yet…) My life is changing in a positive way ever since I started blogging. If you hadn’t been here… If you haven’t made encouraging comments… I would not have stuck around this long for this non-$-paying obsession. When I saw my page views are higher than the blog hits, I know I’ve gotten readers that follow my posts and I do not want to disappoint. I’m enjoying blogging in a most rewarding way ever; to keep posting almost daily even when I am ill… that’s when I know I’m addicted! As Liberace said, “The show must go on”!

7 success

Truth be told if I did not want any audience to my postings, they would have been published under private setting. So a BIG HUG for your being here, for being my companion with encouraging comments and for being my teacher with constructive criticism. THANK YOU!

I have been nominated by Mr. Peckish at for this ABC award and I am most grateful for his believing that I have Awesome Blogging Content (ABC). Now I’ll have to work harder!


And now the ABCs:
A – Adventure of my life is starting at this age.
B – Believing that I can make a difference with every small effort I put in.
C – Creativity, something I need to work on or does working on it defeats the whole idea?
D – Dreamer, that’s me!
E – Elusive dreams that I like to chase…
F – Forgetful.
G – Grateful for everything I have now and more to come.
H – Happy-go-lucky that’s me too!
I – Ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s preferred.
J – Jump, I can’t. Jazz, I love.
K – Kit Kat, I ate them everyday for a year.
L – Lame jokes I love to tell or my children feel so.
M – Mother of 2 daughters in their 20s.
N – Nordic countries, I want to visit someday.
O – Obliging, I try to oblige as much as I can but that is foolish and idiotic as I’ve learned.
P – Palatable, I try to bring that to you in my post 😉
Q – Quotes, I love to read dry witty ones but I can’t memorise, see F.
R – Rats, I hate them. Reggae, I love them.
S – Samantha, my middle name.
T – Thankful, for all of you and those in my life right now.
U – Ultimate dream is to wine and dine around the world.
V – Veronica, my first name (named after my Patron Saint Veronica – bearer of victory).
W – Wine , Chardonnay prefered.
X – Xenophobia, which I overcame.
Y – Yummy, recipes to share and food to eat.
Z – Zaftiq, if the connotations aren’t bad, I want to be that – full bodied.

Life's Meaning

To participate: First upload the award image to your website, use each letter of the alphabet to share something about yourself and nominate one or more new fellow bloggers! As usual, those nominated do not need to participate or accept the award if you have a non peer award policy. Just know that I do appreciate your work. Have fun!

My nominees are AWESOME! Please checkout their websites:

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Happy giving and receiving 🙂

Photo credit: Google Images and Online Social Media.

9 Responses to “Awesome Blog Content Award”
  1. Sofia says:

    Thanks again Sam 🙂 The truth is that you have really great content on your blog, so a huge congratulations. And its great to see the ABCs about you! xx

  2. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Thank you Sam for your like on my post (Boston Terrorist attack ) God bless America, every American and every peace loving person.Jalal

  3. lignumdraco says:

    Thank you very much for the nomination. 🙂

    I’m honoured but I prefer not to accept awards for the time being.

  4. BeWithUs says:

    Congratulations~ Cheers!! 😀

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