Steamed Rice Cakes 蒸米糕

Steamed Rice Cakes, 蒸米糕 or Apam Tapai in Malay.

Steamed Rice Cakes, 蒸米糕 or Apam Tapai in Malay.

This is one of my favourite childhood kueh kueh simply because my late grandmother used to serve us these with red palm sugar and steamed grated coconut. I love eating them then when the only colour was either pink or white, they were so soft and fluffy in texture. I would literally press them hard onto the sugar and scoop as much coconut as I could onto the cakes.

Now they come in shades of pastel colours.

Now they come in shades of pastel colours.

I found Lydia Teh’s post on this recipe which she translated from Sofinar (recipe in Malay). I have not tried this recipe personally but reading it and looking at Lyd’s picture of how the cake turned out convinced me that it would be great tasting. Lydia said her hard work paid off and she could now enjoy the sweet rice aroma she’d missed. Go to Lydia’s site and you may be as delighted as her 😉 If you do make them, please let me know of the outcome.


Steamed Rice Cakes – you can make them mini size and they’d be great for children’s party.


Serve them with palm sugar and grated coconut, optional.


I also enjoy eating them on its own.

Happy cooking 🙂

The Steamed Rice Cakes on my photos were store bought from Aunt Molly’s.

Lydia’s recipe in English click here for more details.

Ingredients (makes 30 pieces depending on the size of mould):
1 bowl of rice, room temperature
1/4 tapai yeast
1 bowl sugar
2 bowl water
2 bowl rice flour
2 tsp eno

Ground the tapai yeast, and sprinkle over rice. Mix until well blended. Cover bowl with plastic and set aside for two days or until it is watery.
Add in sugar in batches and mix until sugar is melted.
Add half amount of the water, mix well.
Add in rice flour and mix well.
Then add in remaining amount of water and mix well.
Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set aside for 5-6 hours.
Just before steaming, add in eno and stir well.
Steam in a preheated steamer for 15 minutes.

Sofinar’s recipe in Malay click here for more details.

Bahan-bahan (dlm 30 bj, bgantung pada mangkuk yang digunakan):
1 mangkuk nasi
1/4 biji ragi, tengok la kalau mangkuk kecik kurangkan ragi bgitulah sebaliknya. agak-agak padan dgn nasi la
2 mangkuk tpg beras
1 mangkuk gula
2 mangkuk air
2 sudu teh eno

Tumbuk ragi hgg hancur, dan ayakkan ke atas nasi sejuk dengan rata. peram tapai nasi ni 2mlm atau 48 jam. Kalau tapai dah berair tak payah 2 mlmpun tak apa.
Campurkan gula dengan tapai dan kacau hingga gula hancur, masukkan sedikit air.
Masukkan tepung beras dan lebihan air tadi kacau hingga sebati
Peram bahan ini selama 5-6 jam
Lastly panaskan pengukus, masukkan eno dan kacau hingga sebati lagi, bila pengukus dah mendidih boleh la di kukus selama 15 minit.

16 Responses to “Steamed Rice Cakes 蒸米糕”
  1. ladymilloo says:

    so colorful`~~ love it (^_^)

  2. Janet Rörschåch says:

    Wow. The colors are fantastic. Some of the ingredients might be a challenge,to acquire.

  3. Hola!!!!
    Que colorido, es maravilloso…seguro que disfrutastes mucho.

  4. I’ve never tasted steamed rice cakes. They look so yummy.

  5. Sheryl says:

    They look delicious–and your description of your memory of your grandmother serving them is wonderful .

    • Sam Han says:

      Thanks Sheryl, my maternal grandmotherwas a very good cook. We had a huge kitchen in the pre-war houses and our cooking were done by firewood and charcoal. I miss those days when everything seemed so carefree. 😀

  6. LAND OF FUN says:

    Nice Post !
    Can you please check this page ,as this is a gift for you my friend 😀

  7. Sofia says:

    They look like cute colourful snowballs 🙂

  8. It looks so light and fluffy, and ice cream like! Wow!!!
    (I think I just drooled…lol)

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