Hua Ting Restaurant 華廳 – Fine Cantonese Cuisine

It’s been quite some time since I had dinner with Adrian and Yap. We’re back on track last week now that everyone is in town – Adrian and I have been taking turns traveling or simply being busy and soon it will be Yap’s turn to travel. Until then, we would be dining weekly 🙂

Adrian seemed to have a fascination or addiction to Peking Duck (PD). He can eat PD twice weekly and has been doing so (from what I know) for a year now, at least! We usually eat PD at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant. This time, we decided to try PD from Hua Ting as we have their F&B privilege card. Notwithstanding the discount, Hua Ting, through the years, has been noted for its fine Cantonese cuisine and other provincial ethnic specialties since 1992.

Hua Ting remained a popular Chinese restaurant with Singaporeans till today because the basics are retained. When quality and freshness in ingredients are expertly employed by experienced chefs, it is hard to find fault with my meal. – Sam Han

Hua Ting Restaurant-9302-2

Time and tide wait for no man.
Clock tower at the lobby of Orchard Hotel.

Hua Ting Restaurant-9305-2

Appetizer made with Fuchok (Soybean Skin) – S$3.80

Hua Ting Restaurant-9307-2

This time round, we ordered only half a bird instead of a full Peking Duck.
Half Peking Duck – S$42

Hua Ting Restaurant-9311-2

A plate of Prawn Crackers also accompanied the dish.

Hua Ting Restaurant-9308-2

This was my portion but there were plenty more.
We had requested for the PD meat to be braised with Ee Fu Noodles, which would be served as the *last course of the meal prior to dessert.

Hua Ting Restaurant-9313-2

Little porcupines? Hehehe…
Delicately crisp and crunchy Prawns Balls with Salted Egg Yolk – S$14

Hua Ting Restaurant-9316-2

Adrian said I was gross to put the bitten piece back on the plate but I had to show you the succulent minced prawn meat inside, lol…
He’s got OCD which I had overcome a decade ago.

Hua Ting Restaurant-9318-2

The soups came in sharing or individual portions.
We chose individual.
Adrian and I both had this Sharksfin, Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw Soup – S$26 each.

Hua Ting Restaurant-9319-2

Yap opted for the Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup – S$12.

Hua Ting Restaurant-9321-2

Wok-fried Beef with Spicy Paste – S$28.
If you like tender slivers of beef and heat, this dish is highly recommended.

Hua Ting Restaurant-9326-2

Seasonal Asparagus with Sea Whelk – S$50.
The asparagus is different from the “skinny” ones which we usually get.
The crunchy texture is similar to Kale’s stem and they’re naturally sweet tasting.
The Sea Whelk I normally have are sliced very thinly and tend to be slightly stringy and very chewy. This variation that Hua Ting served had the chewy texture but they were pretty tender so that one does not need too much effort during mastication.

Hua Ting Restaurant-9329-2

Braised Ee Fu Noodles with the duck meat from the half Peking Duck we had earlier.
Add S$10 for this noodle dish.

Hua Ting Restaurant-9332-2

The big platter of noodles were divided into 3 portions.
This was mine and although it was quite filling, I couldn’t help but nibbled more off Adrian’s plate. He’s on low carb diet.

Hua Ting Restaurant Bill-091032

We had a F&B card which entitled discount to an equivalent of one person to dine free.
Otherwise, we would have to pay S$73.09 more.
In my previous Hua Ting post, Jerry also have the same discount card and we got 50% off as there were only 2 of us so now you get the ideal how the discount works.

Good food with great company is always a treat! The mouthwatering food did not disappoint. The efficient staff provided attentive service even though the restaurant was packed. The waiter came with a dessert menu. We were tempted… I remembered their nectarous Chilled Mango Sago and Pomelo Dessert distinctly. However, we decided to adjourn to another place for coffee and some cakes which would be more conducive to gossiping, hahaha…

Dress Code: Smart casual, no shorts and slippers.

Dress Code: Smart casual, no shorts and slippers.

Hua Ting Restaurant 華廳
Address: 442 Orchard Rd,
Level 2 Orchard Hotel,
Singapore 238879.

Tel: (+65) 6739 6666.

Opening Hours: Daily
Mondays to Fridays:
Lunch 11:30am – 02:30pm
Dinner 6:30pm – 10:30pm

Saturdays, Sundays, Eve of and PH:
Lunch 11am – 2.30pm
Dinner 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Happy eating 🙂

*The traditional practice of serving carbohydrate dishes like noodles and fried rice as the last course during banquets in the old days was to make sure that guests are fed enough.

6 Responses to “Hua Ting Restaurant 華廳 – Fine Cantonese Cuisine”
  1. Shanice Lim says:

    I love Hua Ting!!! I always dine here during CNY/Grandma’s birthday 🙂

  2. wingedprisms says:

    I LOVE Hot and Sour Soup!

  3. Royal feast, love the hot spicy food .Cheers.jalal

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