Million Fishball Noodle 隆興百万鱼圆麵 @ Kim San Leng Bangkit Road

The gratification that comes with delaying one’s urge to buy food ahead of the others when eating out with friends in a kopitiam is that I get to see their food before deciding if I should follow suit – visual impact risk assessment, lol…

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this Hong Kong style roast meats stall displaying a full range of roasted duck, soya sauce chicken, bbq pork charsiew and char-grilled pork belly siew yoke. They were enticing even from 10 meters away! I was that far because I was waiting at the roadside for a taxi but before I could check out the delicacies, a cab pulled over and the oil glistening vision captivated me for a week. I told Vany about it and she voiced her doubt, “At 3am, mom? They could be plastic models.” I had to find out.

Last week, I was in the neighbourhood again and decided to see if that display was a hoax. Well, it wasn’t. Vincent told me that this place was popular with taxi drivers on the red eye shift. “Â, sô desu ka!” (Oh, I see! – in Japanese).

“We must go there for supper”, I begged and they obliged. Good friends get fat together with you 😉

Million Fishball Noodle 隆興百万鱼圆麵

The Hong Kong style Roasts that I saw a couple of weeks ago.

Chicken Noodle @ Kim San Leng Bangkit Road

Chicken with Egg Noodles from the Hong Kong Roasts Stall.

Million Fishball Noodle 隆興百万鱼圆麵

Bak Chor Mee Poh – S$3.
Initially, I had wanted to eat from the Roast Meats Stall but after seeing Fujimoto’s supper…

Million Fishball Noodle 隆興百万鱼圆麵

Although this stall is popular for their fishballs, I decided on their BCM Dry Version but with Kway Teow instead of wheat noodles.

Million Fishball Noodle 隆興百万鱼圆麵

Just seeing this photo while posting stimulated my salivary glands.
The rice noodles did its job in soaking up all the flavoursome chilli sauce and seasonings.
I added some 冬菜 (dongcai – preserved winter vegetables), scallions and pepper to the soup and it was awesome!
I must go again!

There are plenty of words to describe a dish but when it comes to a really tasty meal, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration; and I always examine if I’ve had been starved in the first place. I guess I was with this BCM for it was my first meal that day.

So how would I judge that it was delicious, objectively? I am not starving now (just had my meal) but seeing this photo triggered an umami high. I could feel my mouth watering and after yesterday’s Xing Ji Bak Chor Mee post, the question of “Is it worth the travel and wait time”? My answer is YES! I will travel from Bukit Timah to Bangkit Road just to eat this and the bonus, there’s no long waiting time. Downside, there’s no liver or sliced pork.

Sometimes, there are no illustrative words to define a good meal but when I do think about dabao-ing the food for my children after I’ve had eaten them, you know it has got to be yummy enough for my family’s taste 🙂

Million Fishball Noodle 隆興百万鱼圆麵
Address: Blk 259 Bukit Panjang Ring Road,
#01-36 (inside Kim San Leng 金山嶺 Coffeeshop @ Bangkit Road).
Singapore 671259.

P.S. The online search for 隆興百万鱼圆麵 (the stall’s name) resulted in a few stalls all over the island. I did not verified this but they could be under the umbrella of Long Sheng Million Fishball Noodle.

2 Responses to “Million Fishball Noodle 隆興百万鱼圆麵 @ Kim San Leng Bangkit Road”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Great shots, and I’m salivating too now. 🙂
    No picture of the receipt?

    • Sam Han says:

      No receipts for kopitiam “street food” although some of the newer air conditioned ones do provide. I think you might enjoy this deceivingly simple looking meal 🙂

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