Maxwell Food Centre

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I had two angels with me yesterday. We finished our project and went on our way to eat. Z had eaten a few hours ago at the same venue we were heading. As we strolled, he commented on a “unique” dish he had earlier at Maxwell Food Centre – fish ball soup but the fish balls were made with squid. Z is not local so I’ll forgive him on that, there’s such thing as sotong balls, ya know! 😉

Sotong (Malay for squid) is one of my favourite seafood so that’s what I’ll have, too. The trouble was, Z forgot which stall he ate from. “Somewhere near the front” was all he could offer. We walked into the food centre through the middle row and before we reach the front on the other side, I saw a Lor Mee (another of my fav hawker dish) stall. I found myself an excuse not go on a wild goose chase for the fish squid ball soup. I’m tired and did not really have an appetite but Y already knew what he wanted… Braised Duck Rice and Oyster Omelet.

So I went to the Lor Mee stall and saw that they had other offerings like Fried Wantons, which I ordered also for Y’s sake.

Stall number 12. 老街麵擋 translates to Old Street Noodle Stall.

Stall number 12.
老街麵擋 translates to Old Street Noodle Stall.

Maxwell Market & Food Centre

Lor Mee (鹵麵) is a braised noodle dish served in a thick starchy gravy with thick flat yellow noodles.
The dish is commonly eaten by Hokkiens and Teochews in Singapore and Malaysia.
The thick gravy is made of corn starch, spices and egg ribbons.

Maxwell Market & Food Centre

招牌鹵麵 Signature Lor Mee – S$5
There’s the mandatory flour crispies, ngoh hiang (meat roll), fish nuggets, slices of braised pork belly, half a braised hardboiled egg and a couple of fried wantons.

Maxwell Market & Food Centre

Fried Wantons (炸云吞) – S$3 (9 pcs)

Maxwell Market & Food Centre

Oyster Omelet (蚝煎) – S$8

Maxwell Market & Food Centre

Lor Ark Png or Braised Duck Rice (鹵鸭饭) – S46
The rice is actually Yam (taro) Rice and Y added one braised hardboiled egg to his meal.
He also topped his dish, lavishly, with fried shallots.

Z did not partake in any food but he got freshly squeezed apple and pineapple juice from the stall opposite the Lor Mee for S$2.50.

I liked the Lor Mee from 老街麵擋 better than the famous one at Bukit Purmei but not as much as the stall from Tiong Bahru Market (I haven’t found a rival to this stall) even though the secondary ingredients given were so much more generous here.

The Fried Wantons were cooked-to-order (not sure if that’s the usual practice) but the uncle told me to go to my seat and he would bring them over. Hot and fresh from deep-frying, the wantons were indubitably crunchy and the pork mince filling moist and fragrant. S$3 for 9 pieces seemed value for money.

On first bite, the oyster omelet had nice wok hei but as the dish cooled, the taste became rather ordinary. The chilli sauce was a disappointment. I felt that for S$8, they should give us a bit more oysters. We asked Z to try some which he did and commented that he liked the one from Whampoa Market better.

I did not try Y’s duck rice but he wolfed down everything so it’s either delicious or acceptable. OR… Y’s simply famished! Yup, he told me he could eat a horse as we came over. I guess I’ll have to ask him what he thought about the duck rice another time as we were rushing off.

Maxwell Food Centre
Address: 11 South Bridge Road,
Singapore 058656.

Happy eating 🙂

P.S. Y was supposed to send me pictures of the stalls he bought the duck rice and oyster omelet so I’ll update this post when I get them.

I’m very sure I did a few Lor Mee posts before but couldn’t find the links, bad blog housekeeping 😦

4 Responses to “Maxwell Food Centre”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    I haven’t had lor mee for a while. Now i’m hungry again. 🙂
    Feeling better now?

    • Sam Han says:

      Wow! There’s lor mee over at your side or when you were visiting?

      It’s the raining season now and I’m always getting caught in the rain. No umbrellas as I’m carrying tripod and stuff, no free hands but I’m definitely getting better than last week. Thank you for asking 😀

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