Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant @ Novena Gardens 香港街餐馆

Hong Kong Street is a very common name when it comes to cze char stalls that serves mainly Cantonese home-style cooking even if they offer dishes of other Chinese dialect origin for example the Teochew Steam Fish or Fried Hokkien Mee. – Sam Han (The Bonding Tool)

Aptly named “Family” restaurant, you will see more families and friends dining here than corporate entertainment clientele when visiting this joint. Two reasons could be its modest set-up without private rooms and normal staff service which could be a little frustrating especially when the place is running at full steam during peak dinner hours but do be assured the quality of food served is well above average standard.

Our family has been eating at Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant @ Novena Gardens 香港街餐馆 for ages as Mr. Andy (a nickname my children gave their dad because of his foul mood in recent years – we think he’s andropausing) considered this modest ambient shop a decent place for cze char. He doesn’t like the usual set-up of cze char commonly found in rowdy kopitiams and hawker centres or dingy-lit shophouses. In short, he doesn’t like street food. Mr. Andy prefers home-cooked and restaurant-style food. Notably, a creature of habits, he can eat at the same restaurant 4 times a week ordering the same dishes! With him being a very impatient man lately, we prefer to dabao (take-outs) all our favourite street food home than to incur his wrath by circling the area due to limited parking lots. Although food was still tasty after being dabao-ed (condensation rendering some food to soften), nothing beats eating there and then where the “wok hei” was not compromised.

Back to the food… If you are looking for a cze char restaurant with air conditioning on a moderate budget, this nondescript cze char shop is the place to go! You will find mainly Cantonese on their menu but there’s also some Indonesian dishes, too.

Our favourite dish has to be the awesome Assam Fish Head Curry! I also like their Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup. Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant’s specialities include Har Cheong Gai (fried chicken with prawn paste), Sum Lao Horfun (broad rice noodle with sliced toman a.k.a. “snakehead” fish), Pork Rib King, Claypot Mee Sua and Steamed Frogs. Yes, frogs! Cate Bryson 😉

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant

Coarse Bee Hoon or spaghetti -looking rice noodles.
So plain?

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant

Fish Head Bee Hoon 鱼头米粉 .
Check out my recipe link below.

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant

Four Season Beans with minced Pork.

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant

Egg Foo Yong (Fu Young) came with Prawns.

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant

Pai Kuat Wong literally translate to Pork Rib King.
This dish had certainly lost its crisp due to condensation.

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant

Braised Egg Tofu with Vegetables and Seafood.
Chop Suey, anyone?

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant

The tub of milky soup was the Fish Head Bee Hoon dish.
It must be a large order coz there’s still a big bowl left over after we’re done with dinner.

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant-0228

For me the best loved dish at the table was this!
There was a bowl leftover from the day before and I heated it up in the microwave.
The taste was still awesome if not better!

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant @ Novena Gardens 香港街餐馆
Address: #01-01, Novena Gardens.
273 Thomson Road.
Singapore 307644.

Tel: (+65) 62523132

Opening hours: Daily
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 10.30pm

Happy eating 🙂

Click here for Fried Fish Noodle Soup Recipe, which I cooked when living in Melbourne (so you can be assured the ingredients are available in Victoria, Australia).

See other cze char shops named Hong Kong Street (not related to each other):
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5 Responses to “Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant @ Novena Gardens 香港街餐馆”
  1. wingedprisms says:

    Looks really good – but I got stuck on the “andropausing”! LOL

  2. LFFL says:

    I’m eyeballing the noodles.

  3. Iris says:

    I love their fish noodles too. And coincidentally, my mum is also cooking this for dinner tonight. Yippie yippie aye aye! 🙂

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