Sungei Lembing Trip – Part 1

A week passed and it was time to go on Sungei Lembing trip (31st Jan 2015) in Pahang, Malaysia. Knowing that Benny wasn’t too athletic, I didn’t expect climbing mountain to be part of the itinerary when I signed up for this trip a few months ago. Thus, before I could take a breather from my recent Mt. Bromo (a week earlier) “expedition”, I was packing my trekking shoes again!


I was still sick with flu and my chaffed nose was reddened like Rudolph.
My nose was blistering sore due to too much cleaning.

I had nearly cancelled this trip as I was still recovering from my month long illness of flu and occasional cough but Vincent’s daughter was going and he had entrusted me to look after Ash (guess it’s short for Ashley). In the end, she too fell sick and only let me know at the eleventh hour. By then I already made arrangements with Desmond to pick me at my residence at 6am. No way to back out with only less than 6 hours to go.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing the lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain!” – Anonymous

Desmond and I met the rest of the group at Kranji MRT Kopitiam (a food court) at 6.50am. We started to board by 7am and were on our way to meet Michael, our tour leader, in Johor Bahru for breakfast. Lo and behold, it was at a familiar place which Tony of Johor Kaki Blog brought me to, almost 2 years ago. I went up to say hello to Mr. Tan and gave Mrs. Tan a hug. She remembered me and enquired about Tony. Ah Chuan said he almost couldn’t recognise me. And guess what? The illusive duck stall was opened! I got to savour the flavoursome tender fowl this time round. Oh mine, how time flies!

Sungei Lembing

A wefie we took on the way to JB for brekkie!
Photo courtesy of Benny (phone camera) while I held the selfie stick and Desmond triggered the camera.

JB Breakfast

Ricky (back row) and his colleagues.
We weren’t introduced to each other yet but they were happy to pose for me.
The girls were marvellous!
Hope (front row opposite Joel) lent me her battery when mine was flat and 鈺凌 (I shall call her Ling) helped me carry my tripod on the way up Panorama Hill 😀

JB Breakfast

Zen, Aw, Robin and Leonard.

JB Breakfast

Desmond, Benny, Charlene and Rosemary (Benny’s wife).

JB Breakfast

Mrs. Tan came over and asked why I was not eating.
I told her I was sick and did not have much appetite.
Mr. Tan came right over and said he’ll prepare white curry with less spices for me.
I am grateful for their kindness.
I have always appreciated Malaysian’s hospitality. They are very charming people.

JB Breakfast

Tony said he came several times but this stall was always closed and we didn’t get to eat the famous duck when we visited in September 2013.
Some stallholders said the duck stallholder had some family emergency then.
I am glad I got to taste the tender morsel this time round.

Sungei Lembing, here we come!

Sungei Lembing, here we come!

See food stalls that I blogged about at this very same place we had breakfast:
All stalls are housed inside Restoran Shang Ji.
Address: 141-142, Jalan Lumba Kuda,
Bukit Chagar 80300,
Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operating hours: 7am – 2pm (till sold out)
Closed on Mondays.


Happy eating, traveling and bonding 😀

Our photography outing was lead by Michael Lee of Xing Asia (亚洲行). You may contact him at: or visit their website:

Xing Asia provides exceptional value and authentic experience for like-minded people to experience Asia through photography.

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