Sungei Lembing Trip – Part 2

We continued our journey to Sungei Lembing and Michael, our tour leader who is also a master street photographer, informed that lunch and toilet break would be in another 2 hours or thereabout when we arrived in Pahang.

Restoran Farouk Maju

Lunch was eaten at Restoran Farouk Maju in Pahang.
Photo courtesy of Desmond Ngan.

Sg Lembing Lunch

Chicken Biryani being prepared for us.

Sg Lembing Lunch

A group pic before we dig in.

Sg Lembing Lunch Lembing Lunch-4018

And here we go!

Sg Lembing Lunch

Charlene Pang (she’s my room mate on this trip) and Rosemary Yap (Benny’s wife).

Restoran Farouk Maju Lunch

Benny Ng and Desmond Ngan

Restoran Farouk Maju Lunch

Mr. Aw Tye Hean (whose hand was featured in my Dong Po Colonial Cafe), Joel Lim and Ricky Quah.

Sg Lembing Lunch

Ricky, were you disgusted with what the 3 boys were doing? Playing with food!

Sg Lembing Lunch

The 3 caballeros?
Zen Seng, Robin Cheong and Leonard Tan.

Restoran Farouk Maju Lunch

Hopey Belinda Aw and 鈺凌 (Ling).

Sg Lembing Lunch

Our main entree – Fried Chicken Biryani.

Sg Lembing Lunch

Michael Lee said it’s good and we have to take this former chef’s word for it! 😀

The chicken was crispy outside and yet quite tender. The rice was fluffy but not as fragrant as I had expected. Maybe my stuffy nose and coated tongue corrupted my tastebuds. Personally, I prefer Biryani Dum (almost the same except that the meat is cooked buried in the rice). Everyone seemed happy with their lot. What was clear to me was that we had a good time making lots of noise in the restaurants we visited and on board the bus during our journey. Of course, I was the loudest when not dozing in between the ride (I only had half an hour’s rest the past 24 hours)! 😀

Restoran Farouk Maju
Address: Jalan Putra Square 3 (Malay Town),
25300 Kuantan, Pahang.

Happy eating, traveling and bonding 😀

Click here to see post on Dong Po Colonial Cafe where Mr. Aw’s hand was featured, lol…

Our photography outing was lead by Michael Lee of Xing Asia (亚洲行). You may contact him at: or visit their website:

Xing Asia provides exceptional value and authentic experience for like-minded people to experience Asia through photography.

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