Sungei Lembing Trip – Part 3

After lunch, we journeyed on to Gua Charas, a limestone cave formed millions of years ago. The cave is taken care of by some Indian devotees who maintain the peaceful sojourn from donations of visiting locals and tourists, like us. Entrance fee or rather donations of MYR2 is clearly written on the box where donations are contributed.

Gua Charas Cave

Charas Cave was formed millions of years ago.
It is maintained privately by some Indian devotees.
Entrance fee (or rather donation for maintenance of the Cave) to the cave is 2 ringgit per person.

Charas Cave lies at the foot of the imposing 1,000m-high Panching Hill and is clearly visible from the road leading towards Sungei Lembing town. In the Malay language the word ‘Gua’ means cave. Formed millions of years ago and carved out by the forces of nature these caves offer an interesting sojourn.

Housed inside one of the caves is a statue of the reclining Buddha. You need to climb about 100 cemented steps to reach the lower cave. It is lighted up and houses a statue of sleeping Buddha. Notable sites were rock formations resembling the goddess Kwan Yin, an elephant, a combing princess, a royal tombstone, a fish and a nostril.

Some further steps upwards, are other caves networks with openings. The walls of the caves are greenish blue because of the moss. From an opening, you get to see a panoramic view of the plain and the town of Kuantan in the far distance.

The temple is open to visitors from 8.30am to 6pm daily.

Location: About 25 km northwest of Kuantan at Panching on the Sungei Lembing road.

Take the road that leads to the entrance of the Chinese Temple. The road is 4 kilometers long and it goes in circle around the palm oil estate to circumvent the karst hills. Reaching the caves opening facing east.

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Gua Charas Cave

The stairs looked daunting already.

Gua Charas Cave

They are very steep which is a good sign but I do not know how high I have to climb and with about 11 kilos on my back, that kinda scared me.

Gua Charas Cave

Pretty awesome just looking at the cave and I was quite determined to climb to the peak.

Gua Charas Cave

Don’t be fooled by the low steps as compared to Mt. Bromo, these are treacherous steps as trekking shoes had no grip on the slippery mossy and muddy stairs and pathways.

Gua Charas Cave

Finally, we reached the 1st station.

Gua Charas Cave

One of the features is the Sleeping or Reclining Buddha.

Gua Charas Cave

Amazing sight!
There electrical (or fuel powered, I’m not sure) lightings inside the cave.

Gua Charas Cave

The Sleeping Buddha.
It is said that at certain time of the day, holes in the cave cast rays of lights onto the buddha that seemingly give it a holy aura.

Gua Charas Cave

Do you see anything on this rock formation?

Gua Charas Cave

How about this one?
I saw something but only when I was taking pano shots (5 images) for this picture.
This is also the second station, the peak of the cave which we were allowed into.

Gua Charas Cave

This is the top but we can’t see much outside as trees were blocking the view.
The grounds were dry but still very slippery!
Mr. Aw slipped and fell here on his way out of the cave.

Gua Charas Cave

I think I saw a face, perhaps of a monk of holy man, near the exit in the middle of the picture (on right of exit).
Do you see it, too?

Gua Charas Cave Sungei Lembing

Finally out of the cave but the wind was blowing so hard, I had to slow down.
The chill was getting to my bones.

Gua Charas Cave Sungei Lembing

So why not take a picture as I was resting?
Desmond who took these photos (this and the one above) of me was wary of his predicament, handling the camera with kid gloves, lol…
On hindsight it was amusing but there and then, we were on the qui vive of our faithless environment!
Gotta run, the rest were waiting for us. We have one more stop to make before Pollock Resort, where we would be having dinner and rest for the night.

Gua Charas Cave

A quick group photo before journeying to Pandan Waterfall.

Sg Lembing Pandan Waterfall-4171

We had to cross this bridge to get to the Pandan Waterfall located at Berkelah Forest Reserve.

Pandan Waterfall Sungei Lembing

Pandan Waterfall.

“Many a calm river begins as a turbulent waterfall, yet none hurtles and foams all the way to the sea.” -Mikhail Lermontov

Pandan Waterfall Sungei Lembing

Upper portion of the Pandan Waterfall.

Pandan Waterfall Sungei Lembing

Lower portion (3 turns) of the Pandan Waterfall.

“I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall.” – Mike May

At about 6pm, the park ranger blew his whistle and that signalled us to get out. The sun came out suddenly displaying wonderful rays!

Sharks! My cam juice was gone but there is Hope!

Hopey Belinda Aw lent me her battery and I took a quick shot at this with half a mind looking out for the ranger and the other half catching up with the rest who were already boarding the bus.

Pandan Waterfall Sungei Lembing

This may not be a good shot but it is one for the record, surely! 😀

I didn't know there was a sniper behind me, lol... Photo courtesy of Desmond Ngan.

I didn’t know there was a sniper behind me, lol…
Photo courtesy of Desmond Ngan.

As we arrived into Sungei Lembing town, Michael said, “Instead of having *Sio Bak with kopi (roast pork belly with coffee) for supper tonight, why don’t we head there first before going to Pollock?”

And so we charged forward to what the highlight of this trip actually was for us foodies - *Siew Yoke!

Sg Lembing Roasted Pork

Roasted from the traditional broiler.
Photo courtesy of Desmond Ngan and edited by me.

Sg Lembing Roasted Pork

The crispy roasted pork was allowed to rest a bit before chopping.
Photo courtesy of Desmond Ngan and edited by me.

Sg Lembing Roasted Pork

Everyone was excited at the potential of sinking their teeth into these scrumptious pork belly.
Photo courtesy of Desmond Ngan and edited by me.

Sungei Lembing Siew Yoke

Roasted Pork strewn on newspapers?
This would not pass in Singapore but who cares? A local saying goes, “rubbish eat rubbish grow!”

Sungei Lembing Siew Yoke

I could hear the crunchy crackling give way with each clean chop of the cleaver.

Sg Lembing Siew Yoke

Straight off the traditional broiler!
Golden charred crispy crackling with juicy chunks of meaty bite that melted in the mouth after a few chews.

Sg Lembing Siew Yoke

We ate 1kg of Lembing Roasted Pork here and took away another 2 more kilos.

Do we still have room for dinner??? 😉

Lembing Roasted Pork 林明柴香烧肉
Address: A 259 Jalan Takar Sungai Lembing
Kuantan, Pahang.

Tel: +6017 9093580 (H/P) +6017 9527473 (H/P) +609 5411975 (Shop)

Operating hours: Saturdays and Sundays ONLY!
Saturdays in the evenings at the above premise.
They are available at Pasar Sungai Lembing on Sunday mornings.

Happy eating, traveling and bonding 😀

*Sio bak (hokkien dialect) and siew yoke (Cantonese dialect) means roast pork belly.

Note: Sungei (Sungai) Lembing is a tin mining town about 42km northwest of Kuantan, the “capital” in Pahang, Malaysia. It is also famous for dood such as Lembing’s Roast Pork, Sungei Lembing Noodles (ngan meen), Coconut Biscuits and Dan Sa (name of local biscuit)!

Our photography outing was lead by Michael Lee of Xing Asia (亚洲行). You may contact him at: or visit their website:

Xing Asia provides exceptional value and authentic experience for like-minded people to experience Asia through photography.

Some of the photos were, as indicated, contributed by Desmond Ngan.

See some of the yummy treats Desmond and I shared in the past:

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  1. Very interesting … and for ME , educational,
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