G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge

I was on full steam last week with a few Malaysian friends heading back to their hometown for reunion dinners so we had ours earlier. No doubt Lo Hei was served earlier this year, too! Well, after one particular Lo Hei lunch, I went on to karaoke and then a photography outing to Chinatown to shoot some of the festive mood in Chinatown Singapore. After that, I had supper with my photography kakis, frog porridge! Now, don’t jump (pun intended) at that. It’s yummilicious and you’ll see in my next post 😀

Next is here! Gribbit! 😉

I wasn’t really hungry as I had had a scrumptious huge lunch and lots of alcohol earlier in the day but I was being greedy. I needed to satisfy my cravings for something like porridge or dim sum. The boys who were with me didn’t want to eat either but I always go out with nice people so they relented and went supper with me.

Most places were closed by now since it could be 11pm or past midnight, we didn’t even check our time even though it was a Wednesday with most of us having to work the next day.

I said, “How about porridge from the famous corner shop?” Desmond said he got tired of waiting for table at Chang Cheng so he went to the next shop (during his past few visits and has been eating there since) and the porridge was not too bad. We went there to check the place out. Upon reaching, I realised it was another famous cze char place in Geylang branching out and they are also well known for their porridge, in particular the kungpao style frog porridge!

“Oh, G7 Sinma. They have buy 4 get 3 free frogs menu!” I was happy. It only cost SGD30 and comes with a claypot of piping hot flavoursome congee.

G7 Sin Ma Chinatown shop

G7 Sin Ma Chinatown shop.
Apparently, they have a few branches across the island now.

We waited quite a long time for our food to arrive and that’s understandable. The porridge needed time to be simmered further to a rich grainless consistency, like thickened congee.

G7 Sin Ma Chinatown

I said further simmered because the porridge is already cooked.
They had to further cook it like reduction?
You get what I mean. I was just being irritating, hahaha 😀

G7 Sin Ma Chinatown

Whenever someone asks how a foreign or exotic food tastes like, the common meat association tends to be, “It tastes like chicken.” It’s so cliche but I’m telling you these bull frogs really do but they were sweeter and more tender than chicken!

G7 Sin Ma Chinatown

Deep-fried Pig’s Intestines was done very nicely with no offensive smell.
Chitterling is usually the small intestines but sometimes, they use the term even for the big intestines.
I guess it is less gross (to some) than to call it deep-fried pig’s big intestines which means sh*t tube.

G7 Sin Ma Chinatown

Bittergourd stir-fried with omelet.

G7 Sin Ma Chinatown

Homestyle Tofu with Haebee (dried shrimps).

G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge
Address: 267 New Bridge Road.
Singapore 088746.

Tel: +65 6222 6797

Happy eating and bonding 😀

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P.S. Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year and I will be busy visiting friends and relatives for the next few days. Here’s wishing all of you who are also celebrating a very HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! 😀


2 Responses to “G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge”
  1. Tired just trying to keep up with you … slow down, stay well ,
    save some of the fun for the others.
    Love, hugs and more chicken please … ME and the Boss

    • Sam Han says:

      I’m making sure my friends have some fun, hahaha… 😀 Thanks for visiting Michael. Hope you are having a great time, too. When are you going to venture out of flowers? 🙂

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