Goat Hei Fatt Choy!

Can you believe another Lunar New Year is fast approaching? Time really flies especially when one is older. Oh how I wish I could prolong the days, better yet freeze them, hahaha… There’s so much to do and so little time. I know I haven’t been blogging daily like when I first started but then there’s the excuses of my new hobby (photography), my month long illness and my first grandchild! Yes, I’ve mentioned that Valerie is pregnant and I’m gonna be a goat nanny or nanny goat, now I’m confused :p

I was on full steam last week with a few Malaysian friends heading back to their hometown for reunion dinners so we had ours in advance. No doubt Lo Hei was served earlier this year, too! Well, after one particular Lo Hei lunch, I went on to karaoke and then a photography outing to shoot some of the festive mood in Chinatown Singapore. After that, I had supper with my photography kakis, frog porridge! Now, don’t jump (pun intended) at that. It’s yummilicious and you’ll see in my next post 😀

Chinatown CNY Walkabout

According to Chinese astrology, each year (starting from Chinese New Year) is associated with an animal sign, occurring in a 12-year cycle and 2015 is a year of the Goat.
The 12 zodiac animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.
The Goat comes 8th in the Chinese zodiac.

In Singapore, Chinatown is the main attraction for CNY shoppers in the few weeks leading up to the eve of CNY. In fact, it is a 2-month long celebration. Some lanes are designated for night market vendors (as many as 500 stalls) selling CNY goodies. Mandarin oranges, bah kwa, CNY confectionery and beautiful new year ornaments are being sold weeks before the festival. Local and foreign visitors can immerse themselves in the entire Chinese cultural experience, soak in and enjoy the festive hustle and bustle simply by walking the streets of Chinatown. You’ll most likely spot lion and dragon dance performances during this time of the year.

Chinatown CNY Walkabout

Smith Street in Chinatown, Singapore.

Chinatown CNY Walkabout

This time of year, you will find the most ingenious ways vendors hawk their wares.

Chinatown CNY Walkabout

It doesn’t matter if you come from a modern family, traditional CNY cookies and goodies  are a must have in every Chinese household and office.
The question is how much to stock up or buy as tokens for your friends and relatives.
Some generous bosses buy these for their staff, too.
Hint hint… Staff pantry is empty :p

Chinatown CNY Walkabout

When relatives come a visiting, you need to give them something to munch as you join in the annual family gossips, erm, updates!

Chinatown CNY Walkabout

Chinese New Year Couplets.

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

Talismans, trinkets and anything that promises good health and good luck be they edibles or wearables are sold here.

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

If you rub his tummy, he’ll give you a gold ingot. That’s what I think and hope anyways. Hahas…
But jokes aside, many believe that rubbing the tummy of the laughing buddha will bring one good luck and fortune.

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

Another fay boy with money. Lol… 😀

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

Let’s prosper!

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

The character Fú (福) meaning “fortune” or “good luck”.

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

The character 福 is represented both as a Chinese ideograph, but also at times pictorially, in one of its homophonous forms, most popularly as a bat and that is why sometimes if you look at old school restaurants, there’s carvings or pictures of bats on the screens, the ceiling or cornices.

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

I was hungry and need to go to the ladies by now. Tired from a whole day’s outing.
I wasn’t particularly interested in doing more street shoots so I suggested to the boys that we do some light trails.
The boys agreed and we proceeded to a nearby building with a decent traffic at that late hour.

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

We headed towards the opposite of Chinatown Point (the building with yellow strips of light).

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

Finally away from the crowded shopping areas.

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

My friends who saw this photo said it had to be after 10pm when I took this as the big screen is off.
I didn’t check the time but I wouldn’t doubt it.
My tummy was growling and it was time for supper.
What can we eat at this late hour in Chinatown? Porridge!

CNY Chinatown Walkabout

I hereby wish ALL my friends celebrating CNY a very happy and prosperous Goat year!
新年快到了! 在這裡跟大家拜個早年。恭喜發財!
新春愉快! 羊羊得意!



羊 (goat) and 洋 (ocean) sounds the same in Chinese. It is therefore used as a pun. 喜气洋洋! means ‘to be radiant with delight, to be full of joy; to be cheerful and jubilant!’ and for that joy to be as vast as the ocean!

Earlier, I said “Oh how I wish I could prolong the days, better yet freeze them…”

“Most people hold onto the past, look forward to the future, and do not embrace the present. Only those who can appreciate what they have now, live fully.” – Tsai Chih

The Goat is fast approaching. I say, “Bring it on!”

Tonight, my family will gather at my sister’s place for Reunion Dinner. I heard from my brother that dad’s made ngoh hiang (meat rolls), too! They do the food, I’ll bring the booze. What’s good to go with steamboat, Moscato d’Asti or Sauvignon Blanc?

Happy eating and bonding 😀

Goat Hei Fatt Choy! is a play on the words Gong Hei Fatt Choy (恭喜发财) in Cantonese 🙂

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Early Reunion Steamboat Dinner @ King Restaurant (Macau) 2014

Reunion Dinner 2013

Lo Hei Dinner @ Cafe De Hong Kong 新天地小厨

Lo Hei Dinner @ Tonny Restaurant

Lo Hei – 七彩魚生撈起! @ Kok Sen Restaurant 国成餐室

8 Responses to “Goat Hei Fatt Choy!”
  1. michael_e says:

    Happy New Year … ME

  2. jmsabbagh says:

    Hi Sam ,Colorful picture.

  3. Happy New Year. I really like the picture of the illuminated goat silhouette, it feels like I’m looking at a goat constellation of some sort. Woah at all the containers of goodies stacked up like that. Children must be very well behaved over there, because here one would try to grab some cookies from the middle and it would all come tumbling down.

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    A great start of the new year, Grandma. That was quick. 🙂

    PS Didn’t you do a post a while ago that your daughters didn’t want to have babies?

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