Goat Steamboat? CNY Luncheon

The night before, I was partaking Reunion Dinner at my sister’s home when my friend WhatsApp-ed to invite my family and I to lunch.

“Hey, I’ve got shitload of food for steamboat and meat for grilling. Want to come over tomorrow for lunch at 12nn?”

Invitation accepted!

Valerie and Ryan would be visiting my in-laws (Ryan’s family) for their first 설날 (Seollal) which is similar to our Spring Festival – 春节 (chūnjié), so they could not make it to this lunch. Vanessa and Sam went with me.

Soellal 설날

Valerie’s first New Year lunch at her in-laws.
LA Galbi, mini pancakes, crab stew, pepper wings, japchae, kimchi, bean sprouts and purple Korean rice.
Photo courtesy of Valerie.

AO CNY Lunch

Yup! That’s definitely a shitload of food for 5 people 😉

AO CNY Lunch

We’re waiting for the broth to be heated up on the kitchen stove before transferring into the steamboat pot which would then be placed on the table.

AO CNY Lunch

The ingredients laboriously prepared for our lunch.

AO CNY Lunch

Round things are auspicious because they symbolise never-ending.
Fish balls, lobster balls, fish paste and meat rolls as well as cheese tofu for the steamboat.

AO CNY Lunch

Sambal belachan, cut chillies with light soy and sweet chilli sauce with pineapple (now that’s quite special).
The sauce that scored was the sambal belachan (top left)!
Vanessa said, “Spicy with a kick!”

AO CNY Lunch

Meats for grilling.
Can you guess which is lamb?
I can’t make out as there was no strong gamey smell of lamb and the colours looked the same after cooking.

AO CNY Lunch

Steamboat or Hotpot is a common Reunion Dinner and CNY Lunch/Dinner option as everyone gathered around the table to cook and enjoy the meal. It encourages intimate mingling and communications using food as a bonding tool.

AO CNY Lunch

Steamboat – our first meal of Spring Festival.
Lunch was ready!

AO CNY Lunch

See the cheese in tofu?
I doubt the tofu was purely soybean as the texture was denser and firmer than silken tofu.
It should be a variation, seafood (paste) tofu perhaps.

AO CNY Lunch

These are not ordinary udon.
They are fish paste and wheat flour noodles.
Very tasty with natural “sweetness” of the sea not unlike those I had from Tonny’s Restaurant.

AO CNY Lunch

Halfway through eating, we were served a very sweet wine, Trockenbeerenauslesen (TBA) from Austria.

Trockenbeerenauslesen is the highest in sugar content in the Prädikatswein category of the Austrian and German wine classifications. To me, the sweet taste was similar to Canada’s Ice Wine except that it was not as cloying like the latter. It is best drunk very chilled but not icy cold. Because it was still considered very sweet, we did not over-indulge, sipping and refilling (once poured, the bottle was returned to the chiller immediately) very little at a time so that it remain chilled when we drink. I like it and I think it paired well with our steamboat lunch.

Alois Kracher Jr. (February 23, 1959 – December 5, 2007, Illmitz) was one of the most successful winemakers of Austria, and was known under the nickname “Luis”. The wines from his vineyard Weinlaubenhof Kracher reached a world reputation and high acclaim from international wine critics such as Robert M. Parker, Jr., who awarded 98 points or higher on his famous 100-point scale to several of Kracher’s wine. His fame was mainly built on his sweet wines, so called Trockenbeerenauslesen (TBA) of high sweetness and enormous concentration that results from the development of noble rot on the grapes. Local conditions on the shallow Lake Neusiedl, where the Kracher vineyards are situated, are conducive to the development of Botrytis cinerea (the fungus responsible for noble rot). – Wikipedia

After I’ve had my share, I saw a “newcomer” on the table. The marbling was wonderful. I asked what cut those were. I was informed they were Meltique Beef. I hope I got the word right. I’ve never had it before. I was further let on that those were artificial marbling – injected with sunflower oil.

AO CNY Lunch

Meltique Beef.

YuLi said nothing beats the flavours of well marbled beef but they can be very expensive. Meltique beef is very tender and offers a cheaper option.

AO CNY Lunch

YuLi and I.

I did some reading online and found out that the idea of oil-injected meats is nothing new (https://law.resource.org/pub/us/case/reporter/F2/356/356.F2d.1013.7595.html). I suppose it is a technique parallel to larding with caul or barding with bacon, except that liquid fat is used instead of solid. An alternative to the traditional way of using strips of fat and a larding needle.

I was given a piece of the sunflower oil-injected grilled meat. The initial juiciness was the same as any beef but on continued chewing, the meat stayed tender and juicy, something which less marbled and unlarded meat cannot sustain. It was so tender that earlier I was able to break up the meat with a spoon. In other words, the fork-tenderness of this chunk did not have to undergo long cooking to break down its muscle or fibre. How about flavours?

For me, marbling is more than just the presence of fats. Natural marbling is the ultimate indication of breed and feed of the cattle. I’m lucky I do not have a horde of hungry boys to feed so my occasional indulgence of good beef is justified.

AO CNY Lunch

CNY Tangerines are a must have and it was nice to have other fruits on the platter.

AO CNY Lunch

We had a wonderful meal and time with our host and friends.
Thank you for having us over 😀

Happy eating and bonding 🙂

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