Bulgogi Ssam Recipe A la Mark Ong

Mark Ong posted a very delicious looking photo titled and captioned “Bulgogi Ssam (Wrap) lunch. Simple, easy, yummy and healthy!” and I was instantaneously craving for the food and so I commented on his post…

Mark Ong's Bulgogi Ssam

Mark Ong’s Bulgogi Ssam


Me to Mark: “I want to be in your kitchen now! I think my son in law will love it.”

Mark: “Thanks Semi. Don’t know authentic enough for him or not? Heheh…”

Me: “He singaporeanised liao. Lol… authentic to our family means 2 things, either 1. ah kong ah ma recipe or 2. ho jiak overrides verification of authenticity. Any doubt see point 2. Hahaha…”

Mark: “Swee la! Totally agree!”

Me: “Guest write this recipe on my blog eh sai boh?”

Mark: “Can! Simple and easy. Learn this recipe many years back from a Korean lady.”

The very next day and that is today!!!

Mark: “Hi Semi, here’s the recipe. Managed to quantify the ingredients. Hahaha…. Usually at home I *agar agar.”

*Agar agar (agak agak) means guesstimation without exact measurement of ingredients used. Thank you Mark for making it easy for readers of The Bonding Tool to follow the recipe 😀

Fresh Boneless Chicken Thigh, skin on – 1kg (can use tender beef slices)
Some cooked rice (Mark uses Japanese grains, you can use Korean rice also – cooked normal style with water, no sugar, vinegar or mirin)
A bunch of mini Romaine Lettuce

A. Seasoning
Sesame Oil – 1/2 Cup
Soy Sauce – 3 Tbsp
Sugar – 1 Tbsp
Black Pepper – 1 Tsp
Sake – 2 Tbsp
Roasted Sesame Seeds – 1 Tbsp
Korean Dried Chili Flakes – 1-2 Tbsp

B. Diced
Yellow Onions – 1 Medium Yellow Onion
Spring Onions – Few Stalks
Kiwi Fruit or Apple – Optional as a tenderiser.
Garlic – 50g, Diced finely

C. Chili Paste
Ginger juice – 2 Tsp
Korean Spicy Soy Bean Paste – 2 Tbsp (Gochujang)

1. Thinly slice boneless chicken thigh.

2. Dice B.

3. Mix ginger juice and Korean Spicy Soy Bean Paste.

4. Add A, B and C to chicken, mix evenly and thoroughly to marinate.

5. Leave it overnight or at least 4 hours.

6. Stir-fry with a bit of oil or even better BBQ.

7. Put a dollop of cooked rice on the lettuce, topped with the chicken. Amount of rice and meat ratio according to your desire.

Mark Ong's Bulgogi Ssam

Mark Ong’s Bulgogi Ssam

Have a go at it. I am sure you will love this simple delicious and nutritious meal.

Warning! You will not stop at one! Go ahead and make yourself a happy meal 😀

Happy cooking, eating and bonding 😀

Want some home-made kimbab?
Kimbab 김밥

3 Responses to “Bulgogi Ssam Recipe A la Mark Ong”
  1. W/ chicken, looks like one that I can try …
    Thanks to Mark and you ..

  2. Dave says:

    I cannot wait to try this next dinner party

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