Pantai Glagah – Glagah Beach (Yogyakarta)

Our second and third day’s itinerary were modified a little so instead of going to Goa Jomblang, we headed for Pantai Glagah for sunset. This was to be my nightmare for I hurt myself and couldn’t go to the cave which on hindsight, turned out to be the highlight of this photpgraphy trip since we did not get any nice sunrise (Borobudur) and sunset (Prambanan) at the temples.

Glagah Beach, located around 40 kilometers southwest of Yogyakarta in Kulon Progo district, marks the end of the Serang River where it empties into the South Sea.

Wave breakers and lagoon are the words that will instantly come to mind with the very mention of Glagah Beach (Pantai Glagah). Hundreds, if not thousands, of tetrapods line along the west edge of the beach which stand strong against the ferocious Southern Sea waves.

Glagah Beach is also the venue where the local fishermen gather to perform ceremonial offerings to the sea. They do so to propitiate their God as well as to express their gratitude for their good luck at sea. This ceremony takes place in every Suryo Month that is the first month of their local calendar. The festival is known as Labuhan. Info credit: found from several sources online

Sam 7th March 2015

Jackie Leong thought I had such a good spot sitting here for long time until she realises I’m stuck here coz of tendon snap, lol…
Photo courtesy of Alaric Aw taken with my Samsung Note 4.

Jogya Pantai Glagah Indah

You don’t see anything from the live viewer because I had on a 10 stopper which blacks out everything allowing me to do long exposure shots which will make the sea and clouds smooth as silk.

Yogyakarta Pantai Glagah Indah

Pradeep in red striped Polo shirt and that’s probably BP Chua in the foreground of this photo.
I was rooted here and could only take photos within 180* of my view.

Jogya Pantai Glagah Indah

While waiting for the long exposures to be shot, I managed to twist my waist a little to take a snapshot of this view towards my left with my handphone.

Yogyakarta Pantai Glagah Indah

Pantai Glagah where I hurt my knee and stayed at the same position, long enough to get this exposure, hahaha…

Yogyakarta Glagah Indah Beach

Thanks to Joyce who graciously lent me her Haida 10 stopper for this photo.

Jogya Pantai Glagah Indah

Luckily, there was a change of subject in the same view when this man came forward to fish.

Jogya Pantai Glagah Indah

The sky was gloomy and the rain threatened.
There were sea water on my lens and the sand was hitting my face by this time.

Jogya Pantai Glagah Indah

I reminded myself to pack up after a few more shots so that the others would not have to wait for me.
I could see a few of them coming from the beach.
True enough, the rain came before we even reach the bus.
Alaric lent me his shoulder to help ease the weight off my injured knee while Andrew and Jackie helped with my tripod and bag.

The next day, all of them went to awesome Goa (cave) Jomblang. I saw the photos they posted. All of them were awesome! I’m envious. While they were gone, I went to have lunch at a small eatery a few units away from the hotel we stayed and had lunch there. I will be posting the food photos in another post.

Happy traveling and bonding 😀

Date of visit: 7th March 2015

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  1. jmsabbagh says:

    Hi Sam ,Gorgeous places the shores are so beautiful to have a vacation .Have a happy weekend.Jalal

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