Mas Bowoo Near Mall Malioboro In Yogyakarta

Almost all our lunch were consumed in the bus in between journeys to the different locations for our photography sessions. This was the second trip (first experience was *Bromo) I had food served this way. The experience was similar to eating on flight sans the tray table on the back of seats, our bags or laps did the job of holding the lunch boxes.

After a full day’s outing, dinner at a “restaurant” after we had freshened up was a luxury. We stayed at Hotel Whiz and did not wander far. Just a couple of shop-lot down the road, we ate at Mas Bowoo on the first night. I had lunch there again by myself (on the 3rd day) when the group left for Goa Jomblang. The eatery did not have a luxurious set up but their food was certainly a treat!


Some members of Mentorgraphians (photography group) that came on this trip.
Some familiar faces you might have seen on my previous blog posts be it food or photography are the 3 boys at the rear, Zexsen, Benjamin and Alaric.

Yogyakarta Mas Bowoo

My lunch of deep-fried Duck – IDR27,000
Plain Rice with a salad of tomato, cucumber and basil – IDR4,000
A side order of stir-fried Morning Glory (Kangkong) – IDR10,000.
A glass of Ice Tea – IDR6,000.

Yogyakarta Mas Bowoo

As I was eating, a street entertainer came into the shop , strummed and sang a couple of songs then went round collecting whatever the diners were willing to dole out.
This is a common sight in Yogyakarta but one is not obligated to give. The amount to give is up to your discretion.

Yogyakarta Mas Bowoo

Approximately SGD5 or USD3.70 or AUD4.75

We had our second dinner at Mall Malioboro’s Food Court. The mall is less than 100 from the hotel we stayed. We also had gourmet coffees and J Co doughnuts whilst at the mall.

Our third dinner was consumed in the hotel after an introductory “black & white photography post processing workshop” conducted by Kisworo, who was also our guide from previous Mt. Bromo trip.

Jogya Dinner

Ikan Bakar – Grilled Fish from a stall in the food court of Mall Malioboro.


Similar yet very unique from our version or Yong Tau Foo from a stall in the food court of Mall Malioboro.


Teh Botol means Tea in a bottle and it is a favourite drink nationwide not just in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta Hotel Whiz

Dinner after a post processing workshop at Hotel Whiz where we stayed.

There are many trendy shops and restaurants in Mall Malioboro Jogja.

Mall Malioboro
Address: Jl. Malioboro, Kota Yogyakarta,
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55271,

Mas Bowoo
Address: Jl Dagen ruko 28 (about 50m, opposite lane of Mall Malioboro)

Whiz Hotel
Address: Jl Dagen 8

Other food destinations:


We had cafe food at this place while enroute to another photography destination but I do not know the name of this restaurant.
They serve local and western dishes.

Jogya Mkt

One of the town’s market in Yogyakarta.

Jogya Mkt

This was quite a stretch and they sold everything from fashion to food.

Jogya Mkt

Gutting live fish.


This aunty from the town’s market (which we visited on the 7th) wanted to sell us some rambutans.


Jackie (left) bought them but we did not take the fruits as we were traveling again.
Joyce (right) took a picture of them and I took a picture of them, lol…

Happy eating, traveling and bonding 😀

Date of visit: 6th – 9th March 2015

2 Responses to “Mas Bowoo Near Mall Malioboro In Yogyakarta”
  1. michael_e says:

    Always educational, as usual … great pics, loved the video …

    • Sam Han says:

      Thank you Michael. I was shooting the video with my handphone and was in a rather scared mood as I wasn’t sure how the hawkers would respond or react thus a very hurried “movie”. I only took courage with my photography kakis around me, hahaha… 😀

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