Teochew Hand Made Sotong Balls Pork Balls Mixed Soup 麥士威83号

It was back in July on Desmond’s off day that we arranged to go shoot SG50 Golden Jubilee Fireworks Rehearsal. By the time we reached our destination, Jubilee Bridge was a sea of people! All the photographer’s sweet spots were already taken by fanatics who’d camp-out as early as before noon so Desmond and I had to make do with standing behind the horde.

Before the fireworks rehearsal began, there was the SG50 National Day Parade (NDP) Aerial Display which I was not shooting since I did not bring any tele-zoom lens, so I made use of this period of time sussing out who I know were in the crowd. I spotted Ben, Calvin and Seow in the middle of the bridge and went over. I told Calvin I was nervous about shooting fireworks as I did not get a single use-able shot last year and he kindly WhatsApp-ed me a list so that I have a record and can review when I get back to my position. That’s how possessed I am of my mental faculties these days!

Fireworks photography:

Quick recap!

1. Tripod.
2. Wide angle lens or fisheye (normal cases).
3. Shuttle release cable.
4. ISO 100-200 (max).
5. Focus at f14 – f16… once focused change to Manual mode to lock focus.
6. Switch to Bulb mode.
7. Wait for FW… Hold 3-5 sec for each burst.

You know what? He forgot to list CAMERA! Yes, lame but I can be an eejit when under stress and needed The Complete Idiot’s Guide To “How To Shoot Fireworks” 101. Hahahaha… Thanks Calvin for the precious tips! It is now safe and forever in print here in my hemisphere blogosphere. 🙂

SG50 Golden Jubilee

Singapore’s SG50 Golden Jubilee Fireworks Rehearsal in late July.

SG50 Golden Jubilee

It was not a “lucky” night for us as firstly, we did not get a good spot and secondly, the wind was blowing towards us.

SG50 Golden Jubilee

The wind was not cooperative and blew into our direction. Metallic particles in the smoke emitted by fireworks got into my eyes and lens but I think the experience and shots were worth it.

Ben, Seow, Desmond and I gathered together after the fireworks. We were in dire need of water and food. We also have to beat the mad crowd which was starting to disperse.

Roads around the Marina Bay area starting from High Street, Coleman Street, St Andrew’s Road, Connaught Drive, Fullerton Road, Parliament Place, Stamford Road, Beach Road, Esplanade Drive, Marina Boulevard, Bayfront Avenue, Raffles Avenue, Nicoll Highway, Stadium Drive, Stadium Boulevard, Stadium Crescent, Mountbatten Road, all the way to Old Airport Road were closed! The road along Esplanade Bridge was filled with chartered transportation for the NDP participants. The only way out was to walk.

“What’s there to eat at this hour?”

“Somewhere nearby la. We have to walk and we’ve got heavy equipments on us.”

“Gluttons Bay? It’s the nearest.”

“Surely, it will be full house!”

“Lau Pa Sat?”

“Nothing nice to eat there leh.”

I cried out, “Maxwell Food Centre!” It was actually the furthest out of the 3 suggested places, towards Tanjong Pagar Road. And the crazy part was, I wasn’t even sure if any of the food stalls still operates at those hours, but the guys swallowed the bait!

After about 25 minutes’ walk, we were finally inside the food haven (by day) where most stalls were already closed. I had to quickly find a stall that’s still operating or the boys might rebuke me. Alas! I saw a queue at the far end and we proceeded like bees to honey. Singaporeans love to queue. It usually means two things – 1) that the stall is popular or 2) it is the only stall that’s open. At this time of the day, the reason for this small mob is anyone’s guess.

We scattered to buy our own food and by the time I went to place my order, lucky me, it was the last bowl! And only #4 was available. The photos below are from my second visit. I had #1 on the menu. I even had an extra bowl of sotong and pork ball soup this time.

Teochew Hand Made Sotong Ball Pork Ball Mixed Soup

Teochew Hand Made Sotong Balls Pork Balls Mixed Soup.

Teochew Hand Made Sotong Ball Pork Ball Mixed Soup

There is nothing out of the ordinary when I looked at this bowl of noodle but then when I tasted it…
Behind is an extra order of pork and sotong balls.

Teochew Hand Made Sotong Ball Pork Ball Mixed Soup

Take my word for it!
The sotong balls, pork balls with bits of tee po fish.
These are amaze balls!

The portion was rather small. My bowl of QQ mee kia dry came with one dumpling, one fishball, one pork ball, one sotong ball, a couple slices of stewed mushrooms and fish cakes and a small mound of minced pork. You have to ask for more chilli or the dish can dry up rather quickly without enough oil from the sambal, unless you prefer a “cleaner” taste. There will be no overwhelming oomph at first but take a bite into the meat ball and sotong ball and you will experience something divine I promise!

Take my word for it unless our tastes differ. These are amaze balls! I suspect they are hand chopped not blended. Everything is in those balls! And at 80 cents a pop (if you want extra, I can easily devour another 3 pork and sotong balls each), it is definitely not cheap but to me, there is value-for-money because the ingredients were fresh, flavoursome and solid! No frills, no fillers detected! Umami at its highest!

Teochew Hand Made Sotong Balls Pork Balls Mixed Soup
麥士威83号 。潮洲手工苏东丸 。猪肉丸 。什锦汤 。

Address: Maxwell Food Centre.
Stall number 83
1 Kadayanallur Street,
Singapore 069184.

P.S. This was the second time I ate this dish although I visited them 4 times (twice they were closed).

There are 106 stalls in Maxwell Food Centre. It is situated at the corner of Maxwell Road and South Bridge Road and this noodle stall is located nearer the South Bridge Road side, opposite Hoe Kee Porridge and Dim Sum.

Happy shooting, eating and bonding 🙂

See post on SG50 Golden Jubilee Fireworks here:

Here’s a directory of all the stalls in Maxwell Food Centre with most of them operating in the day time till early evening as this is in the CBD area (near financial hub):
#01-01 – Maxwell Ban Noodle Fish Head Bee Hoon Fried Oyster 麦士威手工板面。鱼头米粉。蚝煎
#01-03 – Mix Vegetable Rice Porridge 肥仔杂菜饭。糜
#01-04 – Nan Sun High Calcium Soya Bean Milk 南山好立克高钙豆奶
#01-05 – Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake 洪家福州蚝饼
#01-06 – Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff 东陵酥皮咖哩角
#01-07 – Ah-Tai Chicken Rice 阿仔海南鸡饭
#01-08 – Fuzhou Fishball Wanton Mee 福记福州鱼丸云吞面
#01-09 – 熟食
#01-10 – Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice 天天海南鸡饭
#01-11 – Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice 天天海南鸡饭
#01-12 – Day & Night Herbal Shop 日夜滋补上汤
#01-13 – 天记粥品
#01-14 – Quan Yuan Fresh Fruit Juice 泉源林记生菓汁
#01-15 – Vegetarian 顺成
#01-17 – Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice 东风发
#01-18 – Pra Khun Thai Kitchen
#01-19 – Oriental Stall Duck Noodle Duck Rice 东方鸭肉面鸭肉饭
#01-20 – China Street Hainanese Curry Rice 中国街海南咖哩饭
#01-21 – Eng Hiang Beverages 永香茶室
#01-22 – Ha Ha MeiShi 麦士威哈哈美食
#01-23 – Hock Kee Food Stuff 福记食品 Provision Shop
#01-24 – 赌间口油条
#01-25 – Madam Jan’s Nasi Lemak
#01-26 – Pancake 翁翁椰浆米煎饼
#01-27 – Ho Peng Coffee Stall 和平茶室
#01-28 – Hum Jiu Pang 中国街咸煎饼
#01-29 – Foo Zi Curry Rice 福利咖哩饭
#01-30 – Welcome Food Stuff 侬来小食
#01-31 – China Street Heng Heng 中国街兴兴蕃薯旦。木薯糕
#01-33 – Beach Road Prawn Mee 老地方
#01-34 – Maxwell 麦士威
#01-35 – Marina South Delicious Food 濱海南美食
#01-36 – Joy Feast Beef Noodle 乐餐牛肉面
#01-37 – Wonderful Nasi Lemak 旺得福
#01-38 – Kim Leng Coffee Stall 金龙咖啡
#01-39 – Afternoon Tea
#01-40 – Maxwell Hainanese Chicken Rice 麦士威海南鸡饭
#01-42 – Roasted Duck Roasted Pork Char Siew Wanton Mee 肥仔烧腊云吞面
#01-43 – Kway Chap 友记鸭饭鸭面
#01-44 – Heng Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice 兴兴海南鸡饭
#01-45 – Ho Kee Porridge 和记粥
#01-46 – Ho Kee Pau 和记包
#01-47 – Soon Li Coffee Shop 顺美咖啡室
#01-48 – Hong Kong i Bean 香港冻豆花
#01-49 – 炎记
#01-50 – 福海(芳林)咖喱鸡米粉面
#01-51 – Swee Ting 瑞珍福建
#01-52 – Hong Xiang Hainanese Chicken Rice 宏香鸡饭
#01-53 – Fried Kway Teow Prawn Mee Friend Oysters Carrot Cake 炒粿条。炒虾面。蚝煎。菜头粿
#01-54 – Zhen Zhen Porridge 真真粥品
#01-55 – Rixin Snacks Delights 日新糕粿美食
#01-56 – Rojak Popiah Cockles 啰惹。薄饼。鲜蛤
#01-57 – China Street Peanuts Soup 中国街花生汤
#01-58 – Soon Heng (Drinks) 顺兴饮品
#01-59 – Peanut Ice Kachang 花生红豆冰
#01-60 – Somerset Delicacies 美味佳肴
#01-61 – Lim Kee (Orchard) Banana Fritters 林记油炸芎蕉
#01-62 – Zhong Xing Fu Zhou Fishball & Lor Mee 中国街中兴自制福州鱼圆面卤面
#01-63 – Aspirasi Food Galore
#01-64 – China Street Fritters 中国街五香贯肠
#01-65 – Fresh Fruit Juice 65新鲜果汁
#01-66 – 一家潮洲鱼粥鱼汤
#01-68 – Hainan Curry Rice 中国街咖哩饭
#01-69 – 69号茶室
#01-70 – Lei Cha 擂茶
#01-71 – 福顺锦记烧腊面家
#01-72 – Heng Heng Porridge & Rice 中国街兴兴糜。饭
#01-73 – Auntie Carrot Cake 安第菜头粿
#01-74 – Fishball Noodle 中国街瑞娥鱼圆面
#01-75 – Hu Ru Beverages 日新香记
#01-76 – Fried Sweet Potato Dumpling 日新香记
#01-77 – Fishhead Bee Hoon Sliced Bee Hoon 金华鱼头米粉。鱼片米粉
#01-78 – Drinks & Dessert Corner
#01-79 – Ho Kee Porridge & Dim Sum 和记包
#01-80 – Ho Kee Porridge & Dim Sum 和记包
#01-81 – Sunto Gyoza 三多饺子
#01-82 – Meal Nasi Lemak Set Bee Hoon Set 椰浆饭套餐。 米粉套餐
#01-83 – Teochew Handmade Sotong Ball. Pork Ball. Mixed Soup 潮洲手工苏东丸。猪肉丸。什锦汤
#01-84 – 848 Sugar Cane Fruit Juice
#01-85 – Sisaket Thai Food
#01-86 – Bean 豆
#01-87 – Rickshaw Noodle 中国街熟食拉车面
#01-88 – Beng Seng (Maxwell) 明成饮品
#01-89 – 南京街肉骨茶
#01-90 – 金成号饮品冰室
#01-91 – Lao Ban Soya Beancurd 老伴豆花
#01-93 – Bento King 便当王
#01-95 – Lian Cheng Coffee Stall 联成咖啡
#01-96 – vacant
#01-97 – 中国街合记五香贯肠
#01-98 – Teochew Rice & Porridge 新加坡河畔潮洲饭。粥
#01-99 – 唐人拉面
#01-100 – The Grean Lea Authentic Nasi Lemak & Chili Sambal
#01-102 – S.M.H. Hot & Cold Drinks
#01-103 – Hajimeer Kwaja Muslim
#01-104 – K3 Coffee
#01-105 – Ice Kiss
#01-106 – Bubble Tea

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