Meiji – You Crack Me Up!

Established in Singapore since 1974, Meiji is one of my favourite snack food brands. For 41 years, Meiji has been supplying Singaporeans with cute tidbits and tasty dairy products, and from Singapore to over 50 countries around the world. I remember Yan Yan and Hello Panda as some of my children’s favourite treats although they do not get to eat much confection.

Meiji Brand-3464-

Meiji Low Fat Milk and Meiji’s Plain Crackers.
When we were living in Melbourne, my children made a remark which took me by surprise. “Australia has more cattle than human population but their fresh milk is not as full flavoured as Meiji’s”.

I love Meiji because they have been consistent in delivering quality products. I especially favour Meiji’s Plain Crackers (have yet to try the ones with oats) for its crunch and serving size. The crackers are also trans fat and sugar free, which means I can indulge with toppings!

Meiji Crackers-3501-

Sardines in Olive Oil.

Meiji Crackers-3503-

Fruit Jams.

Meiji Crackers-3497-

Peanut Butter and Manuka Honey.

Meiji Crackers-3443-

The bite-size crackers make for wonderful party canapé or simple snack at home.

Here’s some luxurious canapé topping suggestions you can serve with these crackers:

Soft Goat Cheese or Cream Cheese
Cooked or canned Beetroot
Orange Zest sliced thinly (garnish)
fresh Thyme (garnish)


Smoked Salmon
Cream Cheese
Capers, chopped
fresh Dill (garnish)


Cooked Shrimps or fresh Crabmeat
fresh Pea Shoots (garnish)


Sour Cream Or Greek Yoghurt (or any thick yoghurt)
To be sautéed (below):
40g Butter
250g Button Mushrooms, sliced
3 Garlic cloves, minced
Melt butter in a large frying pan, add mushrooms and garlic and fry until deep golden.
Put some sour cream, yoghurt on crackers, top with mushrooms.


Meiji Crackers-3496-

Good friends sometimes come over unannounced!
Easy to assemble for unexpected guests and you require some quick-fix to go with that bottle of wine.

Meiji Crackers with Oat

Meiji Crackers with Oat I have yet to try.

Meiji Crackers Plain

Meiji Crackers Plain
7 pieces in each packet of 40 packs for only S$6.95 (U.P. S$7.85) from 1 Nov till end December 2015.

Too bad their Annual Meiji Warehouse SALE 27 ~ 28 Nov 2015 just ended and I am not sure if they still hold their weekly Friday discounted sales at their factory outlet but you can call to ask. 🙂

Meiji Seika (Singapore) Pte Ltd
(Biscuit – Wholesale & Manufacturing)
Address: 36 Quality Road,
Singapore 618806.

Tel: 6265 2411

Happy eating and bonding 🙂

6 Responses to “Meiji – You Crack Me Up!”
  1. darrenshipp says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMM yummy crackers

  2. TK says:

    meiji crackers goes well with prosciutto ham, pepperoni or basically any cold cuts, smoked or cured. also a welcome addition to any cheese board. and yes i always buy the crackers in the largest format possible – $6.95/box at sheng siong.

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