The Ultimate Steak Meal For Ryan!

Valerie asked where we could go for a good steak as Ryan has been craving it recently. I was more concern that the finer restaurants, which usually serve good steaks, may not be baby friendly. I voiced my concern to Valerie that TJ is teething and that his discomfort may create a ruckus. I then suggested to her that we might as well serve Ryan right in the comfort of home sweet home. The very next day, we went to Cold Storage supermarket and bought some Australian Black Angus.


250g (before cooking) steak each for Ryan, Valerie and myself.
I had the ribeye.

Sirloin Steak-0371-

The steak seasonings were really simple – Sea Salt and Pepper.
Valerie also made some red wine reduction sauce with Shiraz from Australia. She added garlic to the pan juices and threw in some sugar to cut the acidity, too.


As TJ is allergic to milk and butter (Valerie is still feeding him with breastmilk) Valerie pan-fried our steaks with olive oil and added a little margarine to the sauce instead of butter to give it a richer velvety finish.

Sirloin Steaks-0377-

While the steak were resting Valerie made some red wine gravy and checked on the roasted vegetables of carrots, sweet potatoes and apples!

Ribeye Steak-0400-

Because my ribeye steak was thinner, it was the first one out of the pan.

Sirloin Steak-0390-

Valerie’s steak was more cooked than she preferred but she hasn’t been eating blue or rare beef since she had TJ. A mother’s love is selfless.

Steak With Red Wine Sauce Recipe
4 (250g) boneless steaks (we had sirloin and ribeye).
Sea Salt & Black Pepper, to taste (sprinkling over steaks making sure most surface are covered).
2 tablespoons Olive Oil, (one for pan-frying and one for sauce).
4-6 cloves Garlic cloves, sliced or lightly crushed.
¾ cup Dry Red Wine or similar (we had Shiraz so we used that).
¼ cup Water.
1½ teaspoons Light Soy Sauce (we used salt, to taste).
3 tablespoons (or 45g) Unsalted Butter, cut into pieces (we used margarine).
1 tablespoon chopped herb-of-your-choice (we had chilli flakes, to taste).

1. Pat steaks dry, then sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper over the steaks just before pan-frying.

2. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large heavy skillet over high heat until the oil bubbles, then pan-fry the steaks in 2 batches, turning once but make sure to sear all sides, about 3-4 minutes (depending on the thickness of meat) per batch for medium-rare.

3. Transfer steaks to a large plate and cover loosely with foil tent. The secret to a juicy steak is letting it rest. A useful guideline for resting a steak is to let it rest for approximately as long as you cooked it.

4. In a small pot, sauté garlic in one tablespoon oil over medium-high heat until pale golden, about 30 seconds.

5. Add wine and bring to the boil, stirring and scraping up brown bits at the same time until wine is reduced by half, about 2 to 3 minutes. Add water, light soy sauce or salt, and any meat juices from plate where the cooked steaks may ooze out. Boil until red wine sauce is reduced by half, about 3 to 4 minutes.

6. Reduce heat to medium-low and whisk in butter (margarine), 1 piece at a time, until slightly thickened. Stir in parsley (chilli flakes) and pour sauce over steaks or serve on the side in a small gravy bowl.

Alternative Red Wine Steak Sauce (below) courtesy of BBC Good Food (
Shallot and Red Wine Sauce by Gordon Ramsay
250g shallot, sliced.
4 tablespoons Olive Oil.
1 clove Garlic, lightly crushed.
1 sprig Rosemary.
5 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar.
400ml Red Wine.
400ml Beef Stock or brown Chicken Stock, preferably homemade.
A knob of Butter.

1. Sauté the shallots in a medium saucepan with the oil over a high heat for about 3 mins until lightly browned, stirring often. Season with ground black pepper and add the garlic and rosemary.

2. Continue cooking for a further 3 mins, stirring often to prevent the shallots burning.
Pour in the vinegar and cook until evaporated away to a syrup, then pour in the wine and cook until reduced by two thirds.

3. Pour in the stock and bring to the boil. Turn down the heat and simmer until reduced by two-thirds again, to around 250ml. Remove the garlic and rosemary. Add a little salt to taste and finally ‘monte’ (whisk) in a knob of butter. Add any juices from the steaks just before serving.


All you need is love!
We had the most delicious steak dinner on Easter Sunday because Ryan craved for it and his dutiful wife prepared it with love!

We were supposed to have aglio olio to go with the steaks but I knew Ryan would appreciate steamed rice more so Valerie cooked 1½ cups of (raw) rice which should feed 3 of us as side dish. Guess what? Ryan had all the rice to himself. 3 servings! Just like TJ who is now eating some solids, he, too, had 2 refills of mashed sweet potato, carrots and apple meal which Valerie prepared whilst making our dinner. Everyone at the dinner table was happy, especially Ryan with his cravings satisfied! He was so happy he did the dishes afterwards and fixed the dryer, too!

It was the ultimate steak meal for Ryan as he kept singing Valerie’s praises. I could almost hear him moo… Hahaha…

Happy cooking, eating and bonding! 🙂

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4 Responses to “The Ultimate Steak Meal For Ryan!”
  1. Dariusz Podlasek says:

    Steak … It looks perfect! And the pictures are such that you can not go wrong with a plate of computer 🙂

  2. bill says:

    excellent recipe on the sauce! wish I could have partaken! thank you Sam! love ya! :o)

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