McDonald’s Breakfast? It Can Happen!

I went to Valerie’s earlier than usual as she had to attend to some work and when I arrived she was about to order breakfast from McDonald’s.

“Hotcakes, mom?”

“No, I’ll have a Double Quarter Pounder.”

“Oh, that’s one of the regular items and only available after 11am.”

“Hmmm… What other items do they have?”

I went over to her screen, picked out one item which I hope would not be disappointing.

The order was placed and we waited for our delivery. Immediately, Valerie realised that the address on record was different as she had sent some burgers previously to Vanessa. She called their Customer Support, who then said he would cancel this order as the delivery outlet would be different even though the two addresses were a stone’s throw apart and he cannot amend the address online! So Valerie had to place a new order altogether. What a dread!

Anyway, food came and in no time, I would begin to understand why my some of friends, especially KT, are fascinated with McDonald’s breakfast!

Here’s what we had:

20161117 McDonald's Breakfast Sausage McMuffin 09.55.06

McDonald’s Breakfast Sausage McMuffin and Breakfast Wrap Sausage.

20161117 McDonald's Breakfast Sunrise Roll Sausage 09.57.43

Breakfast Sunrise Roll Sausage.

20161117 McDonald's Breakfast Hotcakes Sausage 09.56.04

Breakfast Hotcakes with Sausage came with the usual butter and syrup, packed separately.

The Hotcakes were very fluffy but I am not keen on their overall taste – the pancakes, butter and syrup. The Sausage McMuffin was slightly better as I like the gritty bits and chewy texture of the toasted muffins. The Breakfast Sunrise Roll Sausage (mine) had a juicy succulent elongated sausage patty and delicate scramble wrapped in soft wholemeal tortilla. We also had hash brown and corn cup for sides which are pretty standard.

I’ve only had McDonald’s twice since they introduced breakfast a long time ago but that could change. Next time KT asks, “McDonald’s breakfast?” It can happen! Lol…

You can order McDonald’s breakfast in Singapore here:

Happy eating and bonding! 🙂

One Response to “McDonald’s Breakfast? It Can Happen!”
  1. Since we don’t do pork and beef, old age, haven’t done McDonalds since 1974. ME

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