Lessons From My Grandson

My elder grandson turned 18 months today. No longer the centre of his parents’ universe with the arrival of his younger sibling but he’s maturing…

Taeyang under phototherapy for his jaundice.

Taeyang under phototherapy for his jaundice.

Taejin has taught me kindness by sharing his binky, which by the way is his most prized possession, straight from his mouth and popping it into his crying baby brother’s to soothe him. Yup, unsanitary but his good intentions overshadowed that. He’s taught me consideration by putting a finger on his lips to hush me whenever I go near his brother just in case I made loud noises and startle the baby. He’s learned not to pounce on the baby with his enthusiastic concern and hard wet kisses. Instead, he cue us in when he notices the baby stretched and “breast crawled”.

To stop and smell his brother’s head before running off to play again, Taejin’s taught me to slow down and pay attention to life’s true calling! He’s made me reflect and revise my values of what’s really important and worth pursuing. We need to take a break from our maddening schedule and let the very loved ones we said we were striving for feel our presence and commitment especially at unexpected moments, the way unpretentious Taejin loved Taeyang.


Taejin loves the outdoor and exploring this big big world! 🙂

Taejin ah, you have made my world a little warmer, a little softer and a little kinder. I love you! 😍

Happy bonding 🙂

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