Surprise! I’m TaeRi 태리 :)

But… But… There was no appointment. Can you believe it? The stork delivered without making prior arrangement! This has never happened to anyone in my family (extended inclusive) even though Vanessa, my younger daughter, was nearly born before arrival nearly 3 decades ago.

In Australia, around four to five in 1,000 births are recorded as “other”, meaning the birth didn’t occur in hospital, in a birth centre, or as a planned home birth. The birth may occur in the woman’s home, en route to the hospital or in ambulances where a midwife or doctor is not in attendance. More babies are born as unplanned out of hospital births than as planned home births in Australia. We often refer to these births as “born before arrival”. ~ “What to do when the baby is born before you get to hospital” by The Conversation (to read in details, see link below)

Valerie was telling me how many false alarm she’s been getting with her third pregnancy and you guess it! She gave birth this morning right below her flat!

On WhatsApp earlier…

Valerie: “I started contractions at 5am this morning. Couldn’t make it to the hospital.”

Me: “Then how?”

Valerie: “Gave birth downstairs (below my house) at 5.53am”

Me: “Oh gosh”

Valerie: “Ambulance took me to the hospital.”

Me: “Ryan delivered?”

Valerie: “Yup”

Welcome TaeRi! Your daddy did a good job bringing you to this world not once but twice! 😀

Valerie: “Omg! Super traumatic/surreal experience.”

Valerie: “I was in so much pain I was crawling to the lift, lol…”

Valerie: ” But when I reached the ground floor, I cannot *tahan already, my body just started pushing and the baby came out within minutes.”

Valerie: “Ryan started shouting for help lol… and then called the ambulance.”

Me: “I can imagine the chaos and panic. Wow! What an experience for Ryan.”

Valerie: “He’s super traumatised lol…”

I can imagine Ryan on the phone “We have an emergency!”

screen shots of conversations

Welcome darling TaeRi 태리! Your princess-status has definitely increased manyfold to your daddy, not to mention you will also have two *oppa showering you with love and protection!

Although you gave you parents an almost taeri-ble labour delivery experience comparing to your two elder brothers’, I am sure you are going to be a taeri-fic child! 🙂

TaeRi was taken to special care unit for full blood work because she’s born in unsanitary conditions before transferring to ICU.

Grandchildren’s names in Chinese

Gotta go!

Happy bonding! 🙂

Tahan: “unable to withstand” or colloquially “cannot stand it” i.e intolerable.

Oppa is a word used by Korean females to address male older than them who they are close to (biological or not).

Helpful Reading: What to do when the baby is born before you get to hospital.

RENRI (人日) BRINGS ME TAE YANG 태양 TO CHERISH AND LOVE! (and Confinement Longan Tea Recipe here)

Read more gory and glorious detail in “Nothing Beats How My Korean Drama Princess Enters The World!” by clicking here.

One Response to “Surprise! I’m TaeRi 태리 :)”
  1. Douglas Case says:

    Wow! What an amazing experience. Sounds like Valerie and Ryan were awesome. Congratulations Grandma!

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