Are You Game?

Taking a break from my Korean trip posts which I needed to sort out some addresses (hopefully), here’s one from Macau that is short and sweet! Snake meat – Short and sweet. Yup! 😉 Snake meat is generally accepted as a healthy exotic game food in Asia even though not all Asians are game enough … Continue reading

Macau – Just Do It? Just Did It!

“I was also hoping to re-visit Lord Stow’s Bakery (安德鲁葡挞) at 1 Rua da Tassara, Coloane Island, Macau, for one of the “must-eat-food” in Macau, their buttery flaky pastry and rich custard filling Portuguese egg tarts. Oh well, who knows I may just up and go again.” – Sam Han August 2013 Guess what? I just … Continue reading

Macau – What’s Your Game Plan?

Food I skipped. Scenes along the way to and fro the airport and hotel while I was “trapped” there… I was having problems with the internet lately and could not post as often as I did but I had some 26 guests from Hong Kong the week before my trip to Macau (there are a … Continue reading