Makgeolli – A Taste Of The Moon 月香本色 (월향)

You would think we’d had stop eating after Modak Modak but NOoooo! We were only in Seoul for a few days and we intended to eat as much as possible, humanly possible, lol… 😉 We strolled a bit in Hongdae area to help with digestion before we finally hit Wol Hyang 월향 for Makgeolli – … Continue reading

Hwago Jip 화고집 – Beautiful Korean Barbecue House

The cab driver took us to the Korean BBQ house as instructed. We were not sure if this was the correct place until we double checked the telephone number displayed at the shop front. Yes, we had arrived. Let’s get out of the cold and go inside. Hwajang Hangogi House, literally translates to “Beautiful Korean … Continue reading