83 Live Seafood @ Macpherson Lane

This was the first birthday dinner I had (with my children) and dutifully ends as the last post for my week-long of birthday celebrations with family and friends. Thank you, my friends, for all the well wishes received. Similar comments made were, “Sam, you are very ho mia (好命 meaning having a “good life” with … Continue reading

The Muthu’s Curry @ Dempsey

Al is my decade long bachelor friend. He was educated in Melbourne so when I was living there, he would tell me the name of the streets he lived and walked but till today, I have no idea which grid he was talking about. Hush 😉 We had pre-dinner drinks at a pub before deciding … Continue reading

Birthday Dinner @ Singapore Marriott Hotel

Some say the best part of birthdays are the presents. I agree! Gifts can come in many forms. And my best gift this birthday came in my child’s open expression. I never expected Valerie to do this as she takes after her daddy – a man of few words. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m ecstatic … Continue reading

Le Le Pot 乐乐锅 @ Seng Poh Road

Space Donut (SD) WhatsApp me to find out if I was available for dinner. SD: “If we are going to drink afterwards, I won’t drive.” Me: “We’ll skip the drinks. I can be ready in an hour. What are we having?” SD: “I’m bringing you to Tiong Bahru for steamboat.” Me: “Tian Tian?” SD: “Is … Continue reading

Birthday Lunch @ Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 Wisma Atria

Although we celebrate our gregorian-calendar birthdays annually, traditional Chinese birthdays are usually observed in a grandiose way only on two significant occasions: 1) when a baby turns 1 month old (red eggs and ginger party) and 2) when an adult turns *60 years of age (60th birthday marks one life cycle) or 2a) when the … Continue reading

Age Is A Matter Of Mind – Happy Birthday To Me!

Age is a matter of mind; if you don’t mind, it don’t matter. So, grow old along with me, the best is yet to be! – Sam Han 2012 I have had birthday celebrations in Bali, Dubai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London, Tehran, and of course Singapore but the most memorable birthday I had to date … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Vanessa!

Dear Vanessa, You are a special child!  Someone who changes my life just by being a part of mine. Click on pics for full view and some commentary: Click on pics for full view and some commentary: Click on pics for full view and some commentary: I Am So Glad I Got You. Happy birthday … Continue reading

Sitting At A Bar – Sam Place Bar & Restaurant

 I have known Irene since end of 2007 and this is the first time I am in town to join in on her birthday party. I almost couldn’t recognised Caroline, who’d put on a wig that night, hahaha! In fact, Ros and I walked past her, kekeke… 😀 The regulars at irregular hours – Reez, … Continue reading

Flaming Waterfall @ Sam Place Bar & Restaurant

What can we give a dear friend who tends the bar for a birthday drink? Why… a Flaming Waterfall, of course! I was wondering… Why does a luminous flame appear yellow and a non-luminous flame appear blue? The frequency or wavelength of light released by atoms or molecules depend on the energy being released by … Continue reading

One Year Older But My Life Is Not Over!

Cycling in Melbourne I thought the surprise cake and birthday song last night was it and boy am I happy it didn’t end there because today, my life has truly just begun! Vanessa and Ray made me a scrumptious big breakfast while my brother, Nic, brewed me a strong cup of my favourite drink – … Continue reading