Don’t Overbake Them, Brownies!

Question: Who lives by these rules? 1. Never quit. 2. Be yourself. 3. Don’t put too much flour in your brownies. My father was invited to visit her a few times after that. Once, he had heard that she was recovering from a serious car accident, and he stopped by to drop off a package … Continue reading

Dong Po Colonial Cafe 東坡茶室

Retro seemed to be “in” theme especially for cafes in Singapore during the last few years. They could have been around all along but up till now, their presence have never been felt so strongly. Dong Po Colonial cafe is one the places to go for a nostalgic experience of Singapore in the ’50s and … Continue reading

The Bakery Chef

Coffee culture is growing in Singapore and little cafes are sprouting up everywhere. Where they were once confined in Orchard Road, they are now available anywhere there’s human traffic. The dense and dry Red Velvet here failed to impress me but their Rainbow Cake was definitely better than the more expensive (S$12) and vibrant-looking cake … Continue reading

Paris Baguette Is Korean? 파리바게트

Right after lunch at a restaurant in Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, we took the train into town to meet Ryan’s cousin. The venue? 파리바게트. Say what? Paris Baguette! Paris Baguette is Korean? I had always thought Paris Baguette to be European. Who would have guessed based on the name alone? Paris Croissant is a South … Continue reading

The Bonding Tool @ The Shilla Seoul 서울신라호텔

Our trip to Korea in May was for the purpose of taking pre-wedding photos of Ryan and Valerie but that didn’t stop us from exploring Seoul with whatever time we had on hand. In fact, we lived the days as if Armageddon was around the corner. The few days passed very quickly. It was, in … Continue reading

Moonlight Cake House @ Jalan Sutera, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Mark asked, “Are you ready to eat the curry now or do you want to have coffee first?” “Erhm… Coffee and cakes?” I said timidly as I do not know if Mark’s diet would allow such indulgences. “Great! I know just the place.” “Wait, I have to dapau the chicken!” I walked over from Restoran … Continue reading

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake 徹思叔叔起司蛋糕

It irks me to the core whenever people try to compare Japanese cheesecakes to American cheesecakes. It’s like comparing apples to oranges just because they are labeled as fruits. Japanese cheesecakes are NOT American and they aren’t trying to improve/modify on the latter’s recipe. Japanese cheesecakes are Japanese cheesecakes, period. The characteristics of a Japanese … Continue reading

Can BreadTalk?

Bread, staple nutrition in many different cultures across the globe, is one of the world’s oldest food. “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” ― Mahatma Gandhi Post WWII, modern agricultural technology has greatly improved food production. The introduction of infinite combinations … Continue reading

Polish Dumplings @ The Provision Shop At Everton Park

As far as I am concern, a provision shop is an old school pa-ma kind of small scale family-run grocery shop in our heartlanders’ neighbourhood. There was a time my mom would send me to pick up canned foods and sundries on cashless transactions and our debts were recorded in a little “555” booklet which … Continue reading

Chef Jackie Tay – The Baking Rabbit

Before the break of dawn, I made myself a cup of coffee and got way ahead ready for a bake class at 10am. It’s been 15 years or more since I attended any culinary lessons and I was pretty excited after reading Chef Jackie’s profile. Having chanced upon the magical world of fondant cakes, Jackie … Continue reading