Roast Paradise Hakka Noodle 烧味天堂客家面 (Home-made Hakka Noodle Recipe)

I had wanted to eat the famous KL-style charsiu siuyoke fan (roast meats with rice) but the hawker told us (in queue) that the charsiu is sold out and the next batch would be available at around 2pm. Many dropped out of the line but I decided to stay after seeing a customer in front … Continue reading

Taste Paradise 味之楼 @ ION

Last Thursday was Grandpa-to-be’s birthday and as I have mentioned he is not adventurous in food – Chinese cuisine, in particular, the Teochew and Cantonese are his main favourites. Thus, it was only natural we picked a Cantonese restaurant to celebrate his special day! Paradise Group’s Concept “Poised as a diners’ paradise for Oriental cuisine, … Continue reading

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 華龍魚頭爐

We were supposed to meet a day before her birthday but I had overslept! She wasn’t angry leaving a text on WhatsApp, “You must be sleeping. We’ll arrange again.” Who is this sweet lady? Space Donut (SD)! The last time we met was in December, 3 days before my birthday where she gave me a … Continue reading

Meet The Parents @ Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant 御宝南北小馆

Before I left for Seoul to join Ryan and Valerie on their pre-wedding photography session, a “Meet The Parents” lunch date was fixed on the 28th April 2014, two days prior to our departure. Valerie had warned us that Ryan’s parents enjoy Korean home-cooked meals and may not share our tastes in food so we … Continue reading

Birthday Dinner @ Singapore Marriott Hotel

Some say the best part of birthdays are the presents. I agree! Gifts can come in many forms. And my best gift this birthday came in my child’s open expression. I never expected Valerie to do this as she takes after her daddy – a man of few words. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m ecstatic … Continue reading

Birthday Lunch @ Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 Wisma Atria

Although we celebrate our gregorian-calendar birthdays annually, traditional Chinese birthdays are usually observed in a grandiose way only on two significant occasions: 1) when a baby turns 1 month old (red eggs and ginger party) and 2) when an adult turns *60 years of age (60th birthday marks one life cycle) or 2a) when the … Continue reading

Sin Hoi San Seafood Restaurant 新海山海鲜餐馆

Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restaurant is the oldest and most well known restaurant in Tiong Bahru area. Although they do not advertise, their restaurant is always swarmed with diners, attracting the patronage of many Asian celebrities. I remember the staff (most of them have worked there for more than 10 years) wearing sports shoes and … Continue reading

Victor’s Kitchen – Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun 黄金流沙包

Oh well, I might as well do one more post on dim sum but this time only one item and a beverage. The west has chocolate lava cake and in the east, we have custard lava buns. The last time I had 流沙包 (liu sha bao) was at Yum Cha (Chinatown) Restaurant and I complained … Continue reading

Yum Cha (Chinatown) Restaurant 飲茶酒楼

We were supposed to have Szechuan food but Ben said he’s allergic to chilli and spices so we went to Yum Cha Chinatown around the corner where we had Dongbei cuisine the other week. I have eaten at Yum Cha before but it failed to impress me this time round. Was it because I have … Continue reading

Escape From Reality @ Feng Bo Zhuang 风波庄

Chi Sao used to go on food trails with his dad and he suggested eating in Chinatown, an area alien to me. I couldn’t ask for more. After meeting him at People’s Park Complex, we crossed the road and took to the alleys meandering until we came to Feng Bo Zhuang, a Kungfu-themed restaurant. The … Continue reading