Eve of Renri At Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck!

25th Feb 2015 or the 7th day in the Lunar Calendar – Today is 人日 Renri and therefore in accordance to the Chinese legend, it is everybody’s birthday! It is also the official day to 捞起 (Lo Hei) but nowadays, we have started Lo Hei-ing even before the first day of CNY. Last night, I … Continue reading

Peach Blossoms @ Marina Mandarin Hotel

Last Sunday, I was invited to Chaine des Rottiseurs (Singapore) Annual Lo Hei Dinner. This year, the venue was Peach Blossoms @ Marina Mandarin Hotel. Dress code evening elegance. I do not own a Cheongsam so the next most suitable attire was a dress that Valerie got me. This Chinese-Korean costume required a little skill … Continue reading

Goat Steamboat? CNY Luncheon

The night before, I was partaking Reunion Dinner at my sister’s home when my friend WhatsApp-ed to invite my family and I to lunch. “Hey, I’ve got shitload of food for steamboat and meat for grilling. Want to come over tomorrow for lunch at 12nn?” Invitation accepted! Valerie and Ryan would be visiting my in-laws … Continue reading

G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge

I was on full steam last week with a few Malaysian friends heading back to their hometown for reunion dinners so we had ours earlier. No doubt Lo Hei was served earlier this year, too! Well, after one particular Lo Hei lunch, I went on to karaoke and then a photography outing to Chinatown to … Continue reading

Goat Hei Fatt Choy!

Can you believe another Lunar New Year is fast approaching? Time really flies especially when one is older. Oh how I wish I could prolong the days, better yet freeze them, hahaha… There’s so much to do and so little time. I know I haven’t been blogging daily like when I first started but then … Continue reading

撈起财运亨通! 發呀! – Let’s Prosper!

There are several Kimly Seafood around the Island, I suspect they are part of a chain. Anyway, we had dinner at Kimly Clementi and Hougang several times before and have always enjoyed their Assam Fish, Brinjal (in mini wok) and Tofu with Dou Miao as well as their competitive pricing (on normal days, I found … Continue reading

Early Reunion Steamboat Dinner @ King Restaurant (Macau)

Chinese New Year is around the corner! My Hong Kong and other overseas friends were with me in Macau and we wanted to celebrate a “reunion” before everyone goes back to our respective countries. We enquired about having steamboat, a popular reunion dinner meal which was not on King Restaurant’s menu, and they agreed to … Continue reading

Nian Gao – 年年高升

Nian Gao, the name of this cake symbolises 年年高升 – The word Nian “年” (year) and Gao “糕” (gao = cake) sounds like “高” (gao = tall/height); the pun is played to wish “May you achieve greater heights every year!” Another play on the pun is the word Nian “年” (nian = year) sounds like … Continue reading

Spring Festival 春节

There are many Chinese festivals in a year… Dumpling (Dragon Boat), Mooncake (Mid-autumn Festival), Hungry Ghost and Winter Solstice are some of the popular ones but to the Chinese communities all over the world, Spring Festival (春节) or more commonly known as Chinese Lunar New Year, is the most significant festival and important annual event. … Continue reading