These Are Just Some Of My Favourite Things!

Every now and then which is quite frequent actually, I love to indulge in what the health freaks call junk food or what the food snobs refer to as pedestrian food! They may be rubbish but I swear they are delicious garbage! I know my mom, my doctors and dentist would frown. Fats, sugar and … Continue reading

Mysterious Oz In Seoul Korea

After dumping our luggage at the pre-booked hotel in the city area of Seoul, we wasted no time as the cabbie was waiting to send us to lunch at Gangnam Myun Oak for Galbijjim which I posted yesterday. Right after lunch, we met up the wedding planner. Originally, we had wanted to hold the wedding … Continue reading

The Bonding Tool @ The Shilla Seoul 서울신라호텔

Our trip to Korea in May was for the purpose of taking pre-wedding photos of Ryan and Valerie but that didn’t stop us from exploring Seoul with whatever time we had on hand. In fact, we lived the days as if Armageddon was around the corner. The few days passed very quickly. It was, in … Continue reading

A Good Cuppa @ Strangers’ Reunion

Bing ordered a cup of coffee for Karen at The Elements, “If you like coffee, you may appreciate a cuppa here from Toby’s Estate Coffee.” A coffee shop name was thrown in and Karen asked, “Are the baristas here trained by Ryan?” The ladies were speaking my language – Coffee! I made a mental note. … Continue reading

Moonlight Cake House @ Jalan Sutera, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Mark asked, “Are you ready to eat the curry now or do you want to have coffee first?” “Erhm… Coffee and cakes?” I said timidly as I do not know if Mark’s diet would allow such indulgences. “Great! I know just the place.” “Wait, I have to dapau the chicken!” I walked over from Restoran … Continue reading

Rokeby – Australian Inspired Cafe & Night Bistro Bar

Rokeby, serving artisan coffee and Australian fare (nestled in Jalan Riang a rather off track venue), would never have come to my attention had I not stumbled upon it online. The reviews were mixed but I miss Australia… especially Melbourne, where the coffee culture (mostly Italian, btw) is great! – Sam Han (June 7, 2013). … Continue reading

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe 早安南洋 – More Than Just A Jam!

One of the 4 makan kakis named Tony is a very famous food blogger and the girl recognised him immediately! She knew that if she followed him closely, she could steal a good meal away from him. He is always busy taking photos. He wouldn’t notice a few ciabatta kaya toasts or curry chicken missing, … Continue reading

Carffee Cafe Bar @ Taman Molek – An Outing With Tony Johor Kaki Pt. 5

This is part 5 and also the last installment of my day trip with Tony – Johor Kaki, Ian – The Silver Chef and Tyng – my elegant buddy, on 30th October 2013. All good things must come to an end and our day trip concluded with some stimulating beverages. Gallery below display the goods of … Continue reading

Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe

When my kind neighbour brought me this gem from Indonesia, I was reminded of the moist chocolate cake I used to bake for my children. I would pour the batter into teddy bear moulds and it would come out perfect for a mid afternoon snack. The recipe used was not my own creation but it … Continue reading

Wake Up To The Smell Of Ambience!

We had finished a very decent lunch but something was ngawing at me! I was fidgeting in the car when Al asked, “Coffee?” That’s it!!! That’s what was bothering me. Remember I can take up to 16 cups a day and I haven’t had any that day. Let’s go Al! Al said, since it’s a … Continue reading