Cze Char @ 446 F&B 海鮮小廚

Vanessa is off to Japan this morning for a fashion shoot and before she left, we had to fill her with some good old cze char for a couple of days! She googled and saw a post on zi char at 446 F&B 海鮮小廚. The blogger had convinced her we should give this stall a … Continue reading

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant @ Novena Gardens 香港街餐馆

Hong Kong Street is a very common name when it comes to cze char stalls that serves mainly Cantonese home-style cooking even if they offer dishes of other Chinese dialect origin for example the Teochew Steam Fish or Fried Hokkien Mee. – Sam Han (The Bonding Tool) Aptly named “Family” restaurant, you will see more … Continue reading

Kok Sen Restaurant 国成餐室

Completely exhausted and parched. I couldn’t decide if it was the hot weather or the msg in my briyani lunch. Two ice cold beer from Tippletown Cafe did not help at all. So this round at Three Buns, I had iced coffee – white, while Z, still dizzy from his fruit beer (which he only … Continue reading

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen 聚丰园小厨 @ 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza

In my previous post almost a year ago… Ju Feng Garden Kitchen serves wonderful cze char with authentic local taste at very reasonable price and friendly service. It was so good some of our kakis (Wilson Wong is one) are planning their own family trips there. As Su Suling said, “Cooking is excellent. Highly recommended.” … Continue reading

Cze Char @ Makanan Gerai Pelangi City 彩虹城家鄉小食 (Johor Bahru)

I have followed Tony of Johor Kaki to quite a few eateries in Johor over the past year and loved the foods he introduced but I have never had a big meal like cze char with him before and that’s because we were only a pair, couldn’t order much. However, this night  was different. Ken, … Continue reading

Yong Kee Seafood Restaurant 荣记海鲜火锅菜馆 @ 43 Jalan Besar

It is not very often that my children and I eat out together as their working commitments aren’t negotiable. I was happy as a lark the night before when they suggested dinner 😀 I have mentioned before that Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant’s a must-eat *Cze Char place for us whenever we come home (Singapore) during … Continue reading

83 Live Seafood @ Macpherson Lane

This was the first birthday dinner I had (with my children) and dutifully ends as the last post for my week-long of birthday celebrations with family and friends. Thank you, my friends, for all the well wishes received. Similar comments made were, “Sam, you are very ho mia (好命 meaning having a “good life” with … Continue reading

Forture Seafood Steamboat 得运海鲜火锅

The name Forture was supposedly Fortune but it was mis-spelt during printing. Business was booming and they kept it since. Forture Seafood Steamboat Restaurant is one of the longest operating cze char in Bukit Timah area. It used to be very popular with tables extending all the way to the tented carpark. Friday night and … Continue reading

Sin Hoi San Seafood Restaurant 新海山海鲜餐馆

Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restaurant is the oldest and most well known restaurant in Tiong Bahru area. Although they do not advertise, their restaurant is always swarmed with diners, attracting the patronage of many Asian celebrities. I remember the staff (most of them have worked there for more than 10 years) wearing sports shoes and … Continue reading

ABC 煮炒 Gu Zao Ren 古早人煮炒台湾粥 @ ABC Market

Can you believe that my appetition for a plate of wanton noodles turned into a feast of Taiwan Porridge? Of course you can, since you know me by now 😉 I had a craving for this particular wanton noodles but the stall at Tanglin Halt was closed. Click on pictures for full view. Well, as … Continue reading