Joo Seng Teochew Porridge & Rice 裕成潮州糜饭店

潮州糜 (Teochew Muay) or Teochew Rice Gruel is rice porridge that is not entirely broken down like the creamy smooth rich tasting Cantonese congee (明火白粥) . 糜 (Muay – Teochew word) is very different from 粥 (Jook – Cantonese word for slow simmered rice porridge). Muay is basically whole rice grains fast boiled with lots … Continue reading

Lao Jiang Superior Soup – 老江一品粿条汤

After my macro photography session was cut short, we drove to Bukit Timah Food Centre but most stalls had closed shop for the day. We decided to go to Cheong Chin Nam Road where there’s quite a number of eateries that’s guaranteed to open till late. The single lane (used to be able to park … Continue reading

Thai Noodle House @ Coronation Arcade

Indian, Japanese and Thai food remains high on the food-we-like-to-eat-list although not necessary in that order. A fine execution of Thai cuisine dwells on the balancing of sweet, salty, sour and of course, spicy. Thai Noodle House is the place to go for no-frills home-style Thai cuisine when Ryan and Valerie do not want to … Continue reading