These Are Just Some Of My Favourite Things!

Every now and then which is quite frequent actually, I love to indulge in what the health freaks call junk food or what the food snobs refer to as pedestrian food! They may be rubbish but I swear they are delicious garbage! I know my mom, my doctors and dentist would frown. Fats, sugar and … Continue reading

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill – French Desserts

If you had been following my blog, you would have realised Adrian, Yap and I started having desserts quite recently (see Robert Timms) and I sincerely hoped that it would become a ritual. In one of my early posts, I mentioned that my sweet tooth was developed after being initiated by Valerie, my elder daughter … Continue reading

The Hidden Pain

I did not sleep much this weekend. No, the haze was not bothering me. I had been delaying my appointment with the periodontist for more than a year now and the gnawing “discomfort” got unbearable. For 18 months I have been lying to myself that this gum disease would go away but it has been … Continue reading