Ah Chuan Fish Soup 阿全鱼汤

Ah Chuan Fish Soup is run by Ah Chuan and Xiao He (younger brother). Ah Chuan does all the cooking while Xiao He serves the orders. Both are very dedicated to their business. I was witnessing Ah Chuan’s cooking and could tell by the seriousness in his look that he takes pride in his “job”. … Continue reading

Tin & Tin (Cathay) Beef Noodles

Tony was abroad for some time. His busy schedule also limited my communication with him eversince I last saw him at the Baroque Grill gathering. To me, Tony is like Johor’s hawkers’ warrior – he champions for them. He has interviewed and blogged on so many JB hawkers, some are not new. Rather, he is responsible enough to … Continue reading