Egg Noodles With Pork Chop Recipe

This dish is inspired from my first visit to Japan in 1986. I was walking along the streets near my hotel and found a tiny eatery serving ramen. Being new to Japanese cuisine then, I ordered what looked familiar to me, Pork Chop Ramen! I later suspect if that was authentic Japanese food as the … Continue reading

Ajisen Ramen Singapore – What Happened To The 1000 Tastes?

My very first Ajisen Ramen meals were in Melbourne. My last Ajisen Ramen meal was consumed when my brother visited us. I have always liked Ajisen Ramen in Melbourne. They have fantastic sides to pair up with their ramen sets and I do love their infamous Volcano Ramen! As we waited in line at the … Continue reading

Manseki 满席 (マン席)

マン席, pronounced as Manseki, means “sold out” or “all seats taken” in the Japanese language. And in effect with the yummilicious omakase meal I had recently, this semi-fine dining restaurant ought to be! I wanted to name this post “A Tale of 2 Friendships” because it was a union of 2 old buddies and I … Continue reading

Tori Q & Hokkaido Rice

Yakitori is like satay in our local context – skewered meat on sticks. It is a very popular dish in Japan sold as street food with many grabbing a couple of sticks from yakitori stalls on their way home from work. Yakitori is also a common cheap accompaniment (like pub food) to beer in Izakayas, a casual … Continue reading

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia

Nothing beats a simple porridge meal when ill (I mentioned I wasn’t feeling well after my Phuket trip) but if one still wants to dine luxuriously, then Japanese food is the way to go! Japanese cuisine is one of my favourite food in the world. The exacting standard that goes into the preparation and presentation … Continue reading

Crispy Udon Noodles with Nori Salt Recipe

I’m taking the back seat on blogging and am having a guest post today 🙂 A Gastronomic Japanese Cuisine Experience. Cooking is more than just an activity to prepare good food for the family; it is my passion. There is something in cooking good food that makes me smile whenever I slowly stir the pot … Continue reading

Tempura @ Tenmasa Altira Macau 天政澳門新濠鋒

Tenmasa has its fascinating origin as a tiny restaurant in the Kanda Sarugakucho district of Tokyo in 1937. It is synonymous with working off recipes engaging only the finest and freshest ingredients available. Having served many celebrities including Mahatma Gandhi, General MacArthur and Charlie Chaplin during its 77-year history, it is at present, Tokyo’s most … Continue reading

Sushi Omakase Sake @ Shinzo Carpenter Street

This is a pretty (pun intended) long post with lots of pictures compiled over two visits. Chef Lawrence Chia, who graduated from the famed Nogawa School, helms Shinzo, a rather new Japanese restaurant located at Carpenter Street, with 3 other chefs. Although Shinzo is new being under a year old, Chef Lawrence is not. In … Continue reading

The Gamble – Nagomi Restaurant

I haven’t been able to take good food picture lately. Perhaps I ran into photographer’s block. My new lens seemed uncooperative and is put away on the shelf – it would serve me during the day only. I had gone out with Naomi to a very nice dinner where we had squid ink pasta with … Continue reading

The Waiting Game – Teppei Japanese Restaurant

Appetiser course – Salads: Ocean fresh Sashimi: Chawanmushi was without any secondary fillings. It was instead topped with a lovely golden clear broth. Next we were served Yellowtail Cheek. Although you have to wait to get to eat in this restaurant, once inside, you never have to wait long… One dish after another kept coming … Continue reading