Manseki 满席 (マン席)

マン席, pronounced as Manseki, means “sold out” or “all seats taken” in the Japanese language. And in effect with the yummilicious omakase meal I had recently, this semi-fine dining restaurant ought to be! I wanted to name this post “A Tale of 2 Friendships” because it was a union of 2 old buddies and I … Continue reading

Kesuke Takeda – The Tonkotsu King

The amount of ramen my family and I eat averaged out to be one bowl a day – that’s at least 365 bowls a year. I wouldn’t claim to be a ramen connoisseur (because we usually eat at the same haunts) but this little ramen shop deserves a mention in my blog. Many call the founder … Continue reading

Kenzan@GPO is now Gekkazan

The name kenzan (剣山) literally means sword mountain but I cannot make out the meaning of Gekkazan, a name Kenzan@GPO used after renovation. I asked a Japanese friend of mine, Kei san, and he thought judging from the romanised word, Gekkazan, may be “月下山” literally translating to mountain under the moon. Kei san did some … Continue reading

Japanese Cheesecake Recipe

Osaka Cheesecake Rikuro Inspired Recipe Ingredients: 140g/5 oz. Castor Sugar 6 Egg Whites. 6 Egg Yolks. 50g (2 oz.) Butter. 250g (9 oz.) Cream Cheese. 100ml (3 fluid oz.) Fresh Milk. 1 tablespoon Lemon Juice. 60g (2 oz.) Cake Flour/Superfine Flour. 20g (1 oz.) Cornflour (Cornstarch). ¼ tsp. Salt or Cream of Tartar. Method: Pre-heat … Continue reading

Pepper Lunch

Warning: The hotplate is burning at 260*C! Spread the butter and turn over the beef and salmon. Give sprouts a quick stir and put meat on top of veg to prevent overcooking them. Or if you are eating Beef Pepper Rice, give it a mix with their homemade sauces provided at your table 🙂 Pepper … Continue reading

Tataki Sushi

Delicious Beef Tataki sushi at Hanaichi Hanaichi Sushi Bar + Dining Lvl 1 (there’s Hanaichi at the food court in this same building so be aware) Tables were filling up fast as we ate. Late Christmas shoppers came in. Beef Tataki Sushi Salmon Belly & Beef Tataki Sushi Salmon Belly Sushi Soft Shell Crab Hand … Continue reading

Sushi Sushi

Freshly served at Sushi Sushi This is definitely the place to go if you want fresh and value for money sushi. Great picnic and party food. No frills and no mess to clean up 🙂 Happy eating 🙂

Gyutan Don

Gyutan is beef tongue (ox tongue whatever you want to call it). If you have never eaten organ meat or tongue before, it’s time you do! Most people who have tried this dish described its texture as meat-like and taste slightly buttery. We hardly get any Gyutan in Singapore’s Japanese fast food chain. I’m glad … Continue reading

Sake Sashimi

Salmon or Sake 鮭 in Japanese, has been known to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein and Vit. D content. Happy eating 🙂

Volcano Ramen

Volacano Ramen from Ajisen Ramen is basically pork bones soup based Japanese noodles, some pork meat slices, medium boiled egg and vegetables with extra spicy dollop of chilli paste. In Utsunomiya, Japan, they have taken Volcano Ramen to the next level by pre-heating a cast iron bowl to 200C (390F) and bring it to your … Continue reading