Endau-Rompin National Park, Johor, Malaysia

It is not often that I go overseas, no matter how short a trip, with such a large number of enthusiastic like-minded people sharing the same *passion in photographing the macro world. I was privileged to be accepted at the very last minute. I was, still am, working on a project and had not had … Continue reading

Kukup Island Revisited – 马国柔佛龟咯渔村水上度假屋(在水一方)逍遥游

Everyone enjoyed the last getaway so much so that Benny organised another trip to Kukup, Pontian, Malaysia, on Good Friday. This time, we had to pay an extra S$6 per head (from S$89 to S$95) as the owner did some minor renovation to the chalets like putting up a glass wall to separate the living … Continue reading

Gerai Makanan Kokki

In the car, I felt more disquiet as my mind kept preying on my fear. Was I having a mild heart attack? Was this the onset of a stroke? I tried to recall the symptoms Mark told me about his experience, the days leading to his attack. Did I felt cold on the left side … Continue reading

Kway Teow Soup @ Restoran Tua Thow 大头餐室 In Johor Bahru

TR2907 departed Macau International Airport at 10.35pm on Sunday, 1st Dec and landed in Changi International Airport, Singapore the next day (4 hours flight) at 2.35am, 2nd Dec 2013 on a Monday morning. My children got worried thinking that I would be back on Sunday itself. The Whatsapp group message Valerie sent me was “Where … Continue reading

I Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day! – Kukup Resort Here I Come Pt. 3 (Final)

The torrential rain had ruined our sunrise photo session and it remained cloudy all day, but none of our spirits were dampen. No siree! You know the saying “All good things must come to an end” but we were not quite done yet… Nope, we still have half a day to clown around with each … Continue reading

Light My Fire! – Kukup Resort Here I Come Pt. 2

It was free and easy until dinner at 7.30pm. We stayed indoors playing mahjong, card games (no money involved), karaoke-ing and simply chit-chatting. It was also the first time many of us met each other in person, although we have been admiring each other’s works in our facebook photography groups. Click on pics for full … Continue reading

Kukup Resort Here I Come!

We set out a little later than we intended but Paul assured me we’ll be there on time. We’d continued our journey after Paul’s had his nasi lemak and coffee at a rest stop along the highway (after about 2 hours’ drive from Sri Petaling). I had my cuppa too. 16 cups a day remember? … Continue reading

Carffee Cafe Bar @ Taman Molek – An Outing With Tony Johor Kaki Pt. 5

This is part 5 and also the last installment of my day trip with Tony – Johor Kaki, Ian – The Silver Chef and Tyng – my elegant buddy, on 30th October 2013. All good things must come to an end and our day trip concluded with some stimulating beverages. Gallery below display the goods of … Continue reading

Thunder Tea Rice @ Volcano Coffee House 火山茶餐室擂茶 – An Outing With Tony Johor Kaki Pt. 3

I was still whooping it up in Happy Land in my mind… I was savouring the velvety mush of azuki beans from Ian’s bowl of Ice Kacang (blink once). I should have gobbled at least one of The Silver Chef’s attap chee. I also should have scooped more ganache from Tony’s dessert (blink twice). Tyng’s … Continue reading

Happy Land Cafeteria 欢乐园饮冰室 – An Outing With Tony Johor Kaki Pt. 2

“Are we happy with the Wanton Mee?” Tony asked. “We’d be happy if there’s dessert!” Tyng and I chorused. “I know just the place, it’s called Happy Land”. I thought that was lame but as it turned out, Tony’s not delirious. There’s this shop called Happy Land Cafeteria and it specialises in Ice Kacang desserts. … Continue reading