Early Reunion Steamboat Dinner @ King Restaurant (Macau)

Chinese New Year is around the corner! My Hong Kong and other overseas friends were with me in Macau and we wanted to celebrate a “reunion” before everyone goes back to our respective countries. We enquired about having steamboat, a popular reunion dinner meal which was not on King Restaurant’s menu, and they agreed to … Continue reading

Tasmanian Abalone Feast @ King Restaurant 帝皇樓 (Macau)

鲍鱼 (Bao Yu) is abalone in Chinese. Eating this marine gastropod molluscs is considered a luxurious treat. The dried version is more expensive than the fresh ones as with most Chinese foods, take for example the dried shitake mushrooms and dried scallops a.k.a conpoy to name a couple. The flesh of abalones is widely considered to … Continue reading

The Day Before Christmas Eve @ King Restaurant 帝皇樓 (Macau)

I was drinking champagne with my girlfriend on Saturday night when the topic of how I would spend my Christmas came up (she knew that my family is holidaying in Korea). I had intended a quiet holiday with a zoo photo session on the weekend after Christmas. I even got the 70-200mm lens cleaned but … Continue reading

Estabelecimento De Comidas King 帝皇樓 (Macau)

The typhoon signal was hoisted and predicted to hit 8-9 when we arrived on Tuesday 13th August 2013. The chauffer warned us that ferry services may stop operation should we want to go to Hong Kong the next day. JJ and I told him we had no such intentions. That said, even in Macau, our … Continue reading