Rice and Shine!

Rice and Shine! Sam and Vanessa came back in the wee hours and bought me some food for supper which was perfect as I just woke up after a long slumber at 2.30am! But having rice dishes in the middle of the night, in fact throughout the day, in Asia is not a big deal … Continue reading

Hwago Jip 화고집 – Beautiful Korean Barbecue House

The cab driver took us to the Korean BBQ house as instructed. We were not sure if this was the correct place until we double checked the telephone number displayed at the shop front. Yes, we had arrived. Let’s get out of the cold and go inside. Hwajang Hangogi House, literally translates to “Beautiful Korean … Continue reading

Crystal Jade Korean BBQ Buffet – Boil and Broil

Our lunch appointment was 11am but everyone started their journey at that time so we were all late! I was the first to arrive but the place was crowded. I had to wait for a table but I didn’t mind since the rest were not here yet. I had time to walk around the neighbourhood. … Continue reading

You Can Be My 슈퍼스타 !

The title of this post “You Can Be My 슈퍼스타 (Superstar) !” is aptly given because the restaurant’s name Super Star K has become our favourite place for Korean BBQ – the reason being value for money and it opens till late which fits our late night dinner (after work) schedule. The service is attentive … Continue reading