Ma Bo Lor Mee 蔴坡卤面 @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre

May was transferred to work in another location (away from her head office) which was along Bukit Merah Road. Last week, I followed Ross to fetch her when she had to work late that evening of 17th September. After that, we went to a nearby hawker centre – ABC Brickworks Food Centre (the locals simply … Continue reading

Maxwell Food Centre

Making 100 friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even hundreds are against you. – Anonymous I had two angels with me yesterday. We finished our project and went on our way to eat. Z had eaten a few hours ago at the … Continue reading

Foo Chow Noodles 福州鱼圆·肉燕·燕皮·卤面

As promised, here’s one of the oodles of noodles I had eaten last week. This dish hails from the Fuzhou 福州 (Foo Chow, aka Hock Chew) province and there aren’t many hawkers selling this traditional cuisine since the Fuzhou community in Singapore is rather small. One of my friend frequents Seow Choon Hua (70 years … Continue reading