Macau – Just Do It? Just Did It!

“I was also hoping to re-visit Lord Stow’s Bakery (安德鲁葡挞) at 1 Rua da Tassara, Coloane Island, Macau, for one of the “must-eat-food” in Macau, their buttery flaky pastry and rich custard filling Portuguese egg tarts. Oh well, who knows I may just up and go again.” – Sam Han August 2013 Guess what? I just … Continue reading

Tai Shan Shui Lao Rong 台山水老荣

Like I said, JJ and I sneaked out of the hotel without our friends’ knowledge.  The chauffer was eating with them at Estabelecimento De Comidas King’s so we headed for the lobby. There was a man at the hotel’s cab stand and it seemed like he had waited a long time. I was one queue behind … Continue reading

Estabelecimento De Comidas King 帝皇樓 (Macau)

The typhoon signal was hoisted and predicted to hit 8-9 when we arrived on Tuesday 13th August 2013. The chauffer warned us that ferry services may stop operation should we want to go to Hong Kong the next day. JJ and I told him we had no such intentions. That said, even in Macau, our … Continue reading

Macau – What’s Your Game Plan?

Food I skipped. Scenes along the way to and fro the airport and hotel while I was “trapped” there… I was having problems with the internet lately and could not post as often as I did but I had some 26 guests from Hong Kong the week before my trip to Macau (there are a … Continue reading