Old Geylang – Exotic Or Erotic Comestibles?

As a gourmand, I am always hungry to try new eateries and food. While the restaurants or cuisine may not be exactly au courant to the rest of the foodie community (non-bloggers inclusive), they still seem ‘modernistic’ to me as I am not up-to-date with our local makan scene. A newbie at food blogging (I … Continue reading

Red Star Restaurant 红星酒家

饮水思源 “When you drink water, remember the source”. These were the exact words from Tony Johor Kaki, my idol food blogger. When I’m around him, he looks out for me. Tony on his facebook page: “Last night, I was at the venerable, iconic Red Star restaurant in Singapore. It was like a dream come true … Continue reading

Basilico – Culinary Drama

With so much going on in my children’s working lives, it is hard to have lunch together as a family. I was secretly hoping to entice them for a Sunday brunch since forever and finally we did have one just this past Sunday. My post on Dolcetto by Basilico and subsequent take-aways of their desserts … Continue reading

Shoon Fa Bak Kut Teh 顺发肉骨茶

Unless you are very protective and guarded of your privacy, social media has found a way to widely promote whatever you’ve done and posted. For example, I saw Andrew’s posting on Curried Crab, found out what James ate last week and even where he had his meal. I commented on his Taiwanese porridge meal at … Continue reading

Three Dishes One Soup 三菜一汤!

Peter, Ming and I went to Sejong Korean Language School Singapore at International Plaza to register ourselves for the next intake of beginner’s class and afterwards, our plan was to go for dinner and perhaps a drink at a karaoke pub. According to Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Tonight… Anything … Continue reading

Yum Cha (Chinatown) Restaurant 飲茶酒楼

We were supposed to have Szechuan food but Ben said he’s allergic to chilli and spices so we went to Yum Cha Chinatown around the corner where we had Dongbei cuisine the other week. I have eaten at Yum Cha before but it failed to impress me this time round. Was it because I have … Continue reading

The World Street Food Congress 2013 Teaser

As you may have suspected by now, my take on food leans towards home-cooked and street food cuisine. I am really excited about this upcoming event! World Street Food Congress 2013 to be held in Singapore from 31st May – 9th June 2013! F1 Pit Building & Paddock 1 Republic Boulevard Singapore 038975. Check out … Continue reading

Wanna Lok Lok? – Malaysia Local Delights

When I was living in Malaysia in 2009,  Lok Lok was my favourite supper and still is whenever I visit Kuala Lumpur. There is no particular restaurant that serves Lok Lok simply because they are everywhere. The best Lok Lok you can find in Malaysia are van operated although they do have syndicated suppliers. My … Continue reading

Reunion Dinner – 年夜飯 (團年飯)

The New Year’s Eve Dinner is very large and traditionally includes chicken and pork. Fish (魚, yú) is also included, but intentionally not finished, and the remaining fish is stored overnight. The reason for this stems from a pun, as the Chinese phrase 年年有魚/餘; (nián nián yǒu yú, or “every year there is fish/leftover”) is … Continue reading

Kitchen Inn When My Kitchen’s Out?

Kitchen Inn, another new kid on the block on Elizabeth Street (a couple of shops away from Borek Bakehouse), about 100-150 metres from Queen Victoria Market. I usually like to see what the restaurants’ patrons are eating (if there’s outdoor seating) before making mental checks to see if that particular restaurant would be committed to my “must … Continue reading