How To Waste Your Spouse With Pleasurable Measure!

“Bacon or “bacoun” was a Middle English term used to refer to all pork in general. The term bacon comes from various Germanic and French dialects. It derives from the French bako, Old High German bakko, and Old Teutonic backe, all of which refer to the back. There are breeds of pigs particularly raised for … Continue reading

Bank On Sam’s Banger Gumbo Recipe!

I had wanted to update my previous Sam’s Hot & Piquant Gumbo Recipe post but there are so many photos, plus this sausage pasta version was so delicious, I think it deserves a post on its own! In case you do not already know, I love minced meat and thus the natural inclusion of sausages in my diet! … Continue reading

James Martin’s Decadent Homemade Linguine with Lobster Sauce Recipes

James Martin’s Decadent Homemade Linguine with Lobster Sauce Recipes? Yes, two recipes! And BBC Food says,”Try James Martin’s decadent lobster dish with homemade pasta if you’re looking for a dish that will impress.” With the festive season just round the corner, there’s enough reason to splurge both time and money on your loved ones. Gather … Continue reading

Baby Octopus and Prawn Meat

A quick boil in salted water, drained and drizzled with some fried chopped garlic oil and you’ll get a nice appetizer. Use these fresh seafood in your next marinara pasta dish! P.S. Simply add these to Sambal Tumis to make a delicious spicy Malay dish. See Sambal Enam for instructions. Happy cooking 🙂