Teochew Braised Pork Belly and Duck Rice (滷肉滷鴨飯)

Braising is often used extensively in the cuisines of Asia, particularly Chinese cuisine, where dark and light soy sauce  are the primary seasoning in the rich brown braising liquid. 5-spice and sometimes Chinese herbs may be used. Braised foods are usually meat/poultry based. Dried seafood and dried shitake mushrooms are also common main ingredients for … Continue reading

Fuss Free Turkey Recipe

Merry Christmas Everyone! Servings in general: 12-15 lb turkey for 10-12 people 15-18 lb turkey for 14-16 people 18-22 lb turkey for 20-22 people Cooking time is about 15 minutes for every pound. Example: For the 12-15 lb turkey, start the cooking at 400*F (200*C) for the first 30 minutes. Then reduce the oven heat … Continue reading