100% Crispy Roast Pork Belly Recipe 脆皮烧肉食谱

Pork is my favourite meat and in future years, it may become the only meat I’ll eat. That’s because I have developed sensitivity to the gamey smell of other meats like beef and especially that of lamb and mutton. Chicken, the frozen ones, are also showing potentials of going into my taboo list, thus I … Continue reading

Roast Pork Belly 脆皮燒肉

Roast Pork Belly Recipe (serves 3-4) Ingredients: 1 to 1.2kg Fresh Lean Pork Belly with Rind intact. 1 square Fermented Red Beancurd (Nam Yee), optional but if you have it use it, the taste is wonderful. 1 teaspoon Salt. 1 teaspoon Sugar. ½ teaspoon 5-Spice Powder. ½ tablespoon Shaoxing Hua Tiao Chiew (Chinese Yellow Wine) … Continue reading