Announcing The Arrival Of Tae Jin 태 진

On 12th August 2015, my grandson Tae Jin is born! I am jubilant! My first grandchild, an SG50 baby! He may be one of Singapore’s golden jubilee children but he is the one and only grandchild I have to date so you can imagine the kind of fuss and love I will be showering upon … Continue reading

Celebrating The Golden Jubilee With A Big Bang!

Singapore turns 50 today and this year, we are celebrating the golden jubilee with a big bang! According to the *Big Bang model, the universe expanded from an extremely dense and hot state and continues to expand today. So is my grandson (although conceived from a different big bang, lol…) who’s due in August! I … Continue reading

Sungei Lembing Trip – Part 5

When I was cursing complaining of my ill fate of having to climb in Mt. Bromo, my friends who had visited Panorama Hill warned of my impending trip to Sungei Lembing. The steps are 3 times more than Mt. Bromo even though the latter is higher and if you think Mt. Bromo is tough wait till … Continue reading