Confinement Snacking After Snapping!

The day Valerie checked out of the hospital, she was in tears. Although I tried to console her, she was unable to find peace until a professional tells her the same thing as I did. That made me recall how I treated my mom’s wisdom. New mothers forget their moms had brought them up healthy … Continue reading

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant 阿一鲍鱼富臨

楊貫一 (Mr. Yeung Koon), better known as 阿一 (Ah Yat) is currently employed at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant Holdings Pte. Ltd. in the position of Founder. He is the famous chef from Hong Kong known as “Abalone King”. The restaurant specialises in abalone (from Japan) of course! The abalone offered can cost an average of … Continue reading

Interesting Birthday Chart Information

Interesting Birthday Chart for You… This is very interesting birthday chart that predicts your character based on the day you were born on. Check it out yourself and see what this birthday chart reveals for you. Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree 🙂 If you are a Dog: A very loyal and … Continue reading

Lo Hei – 七彩魚生撈起! @ Kok Sen Restaurant 国成餐室

Lo Hei 撈起 is a term for eating Yusheng. As mentioned in my Spring Festival post, one of the must eat dish during CNY is Yu Sheng (literally raw fish) – Lo Hei 撈起 is a term for eating Yusheng 鱼生. Traditionally, the sale of this dish commences on the 7th day (人日) of CNY but people are eating … Continue reading

Human Day – 人日快乐!

16th February 2013 is Renri. I only know that it is the official day for eating Yusheng being the 7th day of Spring Festival according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. So what is 人日? 传说女蜗初创世,在造出了鸡狗猪牛马等动物后,于第七天造出了人,所以这一天是人类的生日。 A consultation with my KOAT (Knower Of All Things) and who better than Wikipedia revealed that… Renri (Chinese:人日, literally Human … Continue reading

Beggar’s Chicken 叫花童雞

I was reading my blog’s comments and Michael, the alienheartbeat, told me that he was looking forward to my doing a post on Beggar’s Chicken and so here it is 🙂 Beggar’s Chicken (叫花童雞) The story began in Hangzhou during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911): A starving beggar stole a chicken and was hotly pursued by … Continue reading