Nine Fresh (九鲜) – Your Balls Are Q ? My Balls Lagi Q!

Try Me If You’ve Got Balls! That’s my post title back in May 2013 for BlackBalls 黑丸嫩仙草 when reviewing the popular Taiwanese dessert chain in Singapore and Melbourne. As the saying goes, “When ya get ’em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow!” Well, BlackBall got me then but now Nine Fresh is even … Continue reading

Try Me If You’ve Got Balls! 黑丸嫩仙草

Yeap, you saw it right but you didn’t hear it from me! In fact, “Try Me If You’ve Got Balls!” is the tagline of BlackBall International desserts originating from Taiwan and founded by Mr. Tang. It’s May Day or Labour Day, whatever you call it, it is a public holiday in Singapore and I’m out … Continue reading

Onde Onde

Pandan Flavoured Onde Onde Recipe: 500g Sweet Potatoes (yellow flesh, preferred). 10 Pandan Leaves, wash and tie 3 leaves into a bundle and cut the 7 remaining ones into small pices, set aside. 75g Plain Flour, sifted. ½ teaspoon Salt (each for dough and coconut shavings). 400g Palm Sugar (they come in cylindrical block form). … Continue reading